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[junkie-alert style=”grey”] Mindray announced the introduction of its Neuromuscular Transmission (NMT) Module for its Passport 17m and 12m monitors at the American Society of Anesthesiologists annual meeting in Boston. The NMT Module provides a stimulus to a nerve in the hand and measures the response to that stimulus. The response provides an indication of the level of muscle relaxation in the patient under a neuromuscular blockade. [/junkie-alert]

Per the company, like all of the measurements made within the Passport monitoring system, NMT information can be integrated onto the display and exported to the anesthesia information system or hospital EMR.

At Anesthesiology 2017, Mindray will showcase its Care Path Solutions, supporting hospital initiatives toward better outcomes, improved efficiencies, and patient satisfaction. The Passport monitors will be shown with the innovative T1 Transport Monitor/Module which operates as a module within the OR’s Passport monitors, then can serve as a transport monitor moving with the patient to the recovery environment, supporting improved workflow.

The Boston meeting will also provide the opportunity to showcase the A7 Anesthesia Workstation with the Optimizer™ suite to assist in the reduction of anesthetic gas use and a range of point-of-care ultrasound systems to support the needs of the anesthesia professional, from needle placement to cardiac monitoring with TEE in the cardiovascular OR. Guest physicians will be demonstrating ultrasound scanning technique in the booth.

Wayne Quinn, President of Mindray North America said, “Mindray has become a leader in the complete perioperative continuum with comprehensive monitoring solutions, anesthesia delivery systems, and point-of-care ultrasound.” “According to recent third-party market reports, Mindray now accounts for one of eight anesthesia machines delivered in the U.S. The continuing stream of new releases of capabilities for our popular Passport monitoring solutions reinforce our commitment to the anesthesia market. The OR gives us the opportunity to showcase all of our solutions, coming together to meet the needs of the anesthesia provider.”