Steve Lamb
Mizuho OSI President and Chief Operating Officer Steve Lamb Honored with Union City Business Leadership Award (Medical Device News MagazineI)

Mizuho OSI®, a leading manufacturer of specialty surgical tables, pressure management solutions, and table-specific patient care kits, is pleased to announce that the company’s President and Chief Operating Officer, Steve Lamb, has won the 2018 Community Spirit Award for Business Leadership from the Union City Chamber of Commerce for his passion in bringing meaningful innovation to orthopedic surgery and enhancing the surgical experience for surgeons and patients. Mr. Lamb was recently presented with the award during a private luncheon for the Community Spirit Award honorees.

“We are very pleased to have the opportunity to recognize Steve Lamb, who under his leadership of Mizuho OSI, has made significant contributions to our City. It is very exciting to see Mizuho OSI continue to be on the cutting-edge of innovation in the development of surgical tables and the whole operating room environment,” said Mayor Carol Dutra-Vernaci.  “We are proud that Mizuho OSI has been located in Union City since 1994, providing jobs for more than 250 employees.”

As Mizuho OSI seeks to expand its leadership in patient positioning, integrated technology for the surgical suite, and innovations in pressure management, Mr. Lamb continues to set an example for all stakeholders along the way. To help drive this innovation, Mizuho OSI partners with the best surgical talent in the medical field to develop technology for better patient care and the surgeon’s experience, positioning the company’s products to be procedure specific in both hospital and outpatient settings.

“Mizuho OSI works closely with Union City leadership on how our company interacts with the surrounding community, including the opening of our Customer Experience Center earlier this year,” said Steve Lamb, President and COO, Mizuho OSI. “I’m honored to receive such a prestigious award from the Union City community and Chamber of Commerce. Our company hopes to continue to drive a better surgical experience for patients and surgeons from our home base in Union City.”

The Union City Community Spirit Awards recognizes four individuals whose contributions have made an impact in the community in the categories of volunteer service, business leadership, education, and government service. To learn more about the 2018 Community Spirit Awards, see the Union City, CA newsletter here.