Neolys Diagnostics Innovates with a Rapid Blood Test to Avoid Radiotherapy Side Effects

Neolys Diagnostics announced today a breakthrough innovation with a fast and efficient blood test to mesure each patient’s radiosensitivity before radiotherapy. More than half of the patient diagnosed with cancer are treated with radiotherapy. Despite efficacy, many patients undergo side effects with severe damages to the normal tissues. Underlining the patients’ variability of side effect severity, Neolys Diagnostics has identified over the last years the adequate biomarkers related to radiosensitivity. Today, the company announces being able within a couple of hours from a single patient blood sample to identify the risk of each patient of experiencing severe side effects.

Julien Gillet-Daubin, CEO of Neolys Diagnostics said, “We are very proud of the performances of this new precise and rapid test. It is a significant breakthrough for patients and their physicians. A single drop of blood will be enough.” comments . He added: This product opens a new paradigm in practice of precision medicine in radiotherapy.”

Fast, Simple and Cost Effective, the Screening test is designed to be performed systematically for every patient. This assay is highly complementary to our Complete Characterization Test dedicated to cases requiring high expertise and our Decision Support Software under development to support clinician’s decision.

Neolys Diagnostics is involved in four prospective confirmation studies in Head & Neck cancer, Prostate cancer and Pediatric solid cancers that are actively recruiting.

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