Neolys Diagnostics to Present Strong Supportive Data at ESTRO of Its Predictive Test for Patients before Radiotherapy

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The company, Neolys Diagnostics develops efficient solutions to help decision-making for clinicians and adapt treatment to individual radiosensitivity of each patient.

During the ESTRO (European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology) Congress in Vienna, Dr Guillaume Vogin (Institut de Cancérologie de Lorraine, Nancy, France) presented the results of Neolys Diagnostics predictive test for patients at risk of toxicity during radiotherapy.

G. Vogin, L. Bodgi, A. Canet, S. Pereira, N. Foray

In this study, Immunofluorescence experiments were performed on the COPERNIC collection of 100 skin fibroblasts from patients irradiated at 2 Gy. Biomarkers of DNA double strand breaks (DSB) recognition and repair were assessed from 10 minutes to 24 hours after irradiation, including the relocalization of phosphorylated ATM Protein (pATM) as nuclear foci. These biological results were plotted against the CTCAE grades. A ROC curve analysis was then performed on patients after they were merged in two groups: radioresistant (grade <2) and radiosensitive (grade ≥2).

Results showed that a delay in the nucleoshuttling of the ATM protein, which is involved in the recognition of the DNA Double Strand Breaks was a common feature to patients with overreaction (OR). When taken as a binary predictive assay with the optimal cut off value, ATM showed promising predictive performances, with an AUC of 0.97, a PPV of 99%, a specificity of 92% and a sensitivity of 100%.

Julien GILLET-DAUBIN, CEO of Neolys Diagnostics stated: ‘Our collaboration with Dr Vogin is of crucial importance for Neolys, and the quality of our results are a very positive signal towards patients and physicians. With four prospective confirmation studies in different indications actively recruiting, we expect to bring innovative and efficient solutions to the market in the next coming years’.



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