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NeuroOne Medical Technologies Corporation Appoints Dr. Camilo Andres Diaz-Botia As Director of Electrode Development

Dr. Camilo Andres Diaz-Botia is Former Lead of Process Engineering at Neuralink

NeuroOne Medical Technologies Corporation today announced the appointment of Dr. Camilo Andres Diaz-Botia, a highly experienced neural engineer whose work has focused on the development of technologies for bidirectional communication with the nervous system, as Director of Electrode Development.

Previously, Dr. Camilo Andres Diaz-Botia led the microfabrication process engineering team at Neuralink Corp., a Company founded by Elon Musk, working on developing a high bandwidth brain machine interface.

“We are thrilled to have such a highly regarded neural engineering expert to lead our development team,” says Dave Rosa, president and CEO, NeuroOne. “Camilo brings in-depth knowledge and expertise in the design of implantable thin film electrodes. His responsibilities and experience at Neuralink, from research and development to manufacturing, expand the depth and breadth of our capabilities to further develop NeuroOne’s portfolio of thin film electrode technology. As we continue to pursue our vision of developing combination diagnostic and therapeutic electrode technology, we expect Camilo’s leadership and experience will contribute significantly to helping us achieve these goals.”

At Neuralink Corp., Dr. Diaz-Botia led and mentored the process engineering team to deliver projects with unique microfabrication processes. Under his direction, the team built and designed novel processes for integration of thin film neural probes with brain machine interface systems.

Dr. Diaz-Botia earned a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Universidad Nacional de Colombia and a Ph.D. in Bioengineering from the joint program at the University of California Berkeley and the University of California San Francisco. During his graduate studies, he conducted research on microfabricated thin film neural interfaces for chronic implants developing electrocorticography arrays with silicon carbide, a material suitable for long-term performance in harsh environments, and electrode arrays for minimally invasive subcortical recordings. He has authored and co-authored multiple peer reviewed scientific articles published in journals including Journal of Neural Engineering, Neuron and Lab-on-a-Chip.

Dr. Diaz-Botia states, “I believe NeuroOne’s focus on bringing thin-film devices to patients will have a significant impact in their overall clinical experience. For many years, thin film technologies have been utilized in academic settings and have matured enough to address a number of clinical needs today. I am excited to be a part of the ongoing development of NeuroOne’s thin film electrodes and furthering NeuroOne’s goal of making these devices commercially available.”


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