RNS® System Provides Patients with Unprecedented Seizure Reduction and Improved Quality of Life According to New Published Data

The RNS® System has been shown to dramatically reduce seizures and improve quality of life for people living with refractory epilepsy.

NeuroPace RNS System Receives FDA Approval for MRI Labeling, Allowing Thousands More Patients to Benefit from Personalized, Data-Driven Epilepsy Treatment

Individuals with focal onset seizures that also have brain anomalies that require monitoring, such as tuberous sclerosis, brain tumors or multiple sclerosis, as well as those with non-brain MRI requirements, can now be offered the RNS System as a treatment option.

New Data Presented at the American Epilepsy Society Annual Meeting Demonstrate Unprecedented Efficacy Outcomes with the NeuroPace RNS System

Results from the multicenter, retrospective study of 150 patients showed that patients receiving the RNS System experienced 67% median seizure frequency reduction at 1 year and 75% median seizure frequency reduction at 2 years.