New Damon Q2 with 2x Rotation Control for Optimal Precision, Predictability, and Efficiency Introduced by Ormco

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September 10, 2018

New Damon Q2 (DQ2), the newest addition to the Damon™ System is now available, reports Ormco Corporation.

Ormco Corporation notes the new bracket system features 2x the rotation control1, providing clinicians the versatility to help efficiently treat all cases with simplified mechanics. DQ2’s superior control allows for heightened treatment reliability2, efficiency, predictability, and flexibility. The company is a manufacturer and provider of advanced orthodontic technology and services.

“Following years of dedicated research and development, and by listening to and collaborating with our customers from all over the world, DQ2 provides optimal rotation control – something that today’s clinicians demand and desire,” said Matt Turner, president of Ormco. “Our commitment to innovation thoroughly inspired Damon Q2, empowering orthodontists to help efficiently treat to the best possible smile result.”

“I have been so happy with the new DQ2 bracket, and the performance and control that I am seeing,” said Dr. Stuart Frost, DQ2 user. “I have placed over 200 cases and I’m seeing such positive results that I have completely switched my cases over to the DQ2. It plays nice with Damon Q and the Damon Clear bracket, so I can combine them if needed. I love the new standard torque difference between the upper 1’s and 2’s, which gives me beautiful incisor alignment.”3

2x Improvement in Rotation Control:DQ2 provides four solid walls with a refined precision slot and 2x the rotation control for optimal precision, predictability, and efficient finishing. Arming doctors with 2x rotation control helps provide them with the toolset needed to treat all cases with the utmost confidence and bracket reliability.2

Enhanced Tie-Wing Design: DQ2 provides ample under tie-wing area4 to better accommodate all power chain, elastics, steel ligatures and other auxiliaries for treatment versatility. Designed for heightened patient comfort and aesthetics, the bracket system features a small profile and size with smooth, rounded corners.

Vertical Scribe Line, New Drop-In Hook and Modified Prescription: DQ2 features a rhomboid-shaped pad and new vertical scribe line to guide desired bracket placement. The new DQ2 drop-in hook5 was designed to provide improved bending strength and durability with Ormco’s elastics and auxiliaries. Additionally, DQ2 provides a modified prescription6 for upper, central and lateral standard torque brackets, designed to deliver predictable finishing and efficient treatment.

“Over the years, we have used every version of the Damon System in our practice, and this may be the most significant enhancement to the system yet. We are very happy with the performance of our first few hundred cases,” commented Dr. Jamie Reynolds, DQ2 user.3

As the passive self-ligating (PSL) market leader, the Damon System offers a combination of PSL brackets, light force archwire sequencing and minimally invasive treatment protocols used to successfully finish over 6.5 million cases.

DQ2 is available in the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, and select markets in Europe and the Middle East.



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