New Data Shows CannTrap Technology Optimizes Cannabis Product Effects

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CannRx, a company developing proprietary, scientifically based medical and recreational products, today announced new data for CannTrap™, the Company’s proprietary molecular structure-binding technology delivery system that provides faster absorption, consistent dosing, a controlled therapeutic effect and increased stability. This is due to CannTrap’s ability to enhance cannabinoid binding with a hydrophilic protein, which creates a water-soluble solid nanoparticle.

The data from a CannRx-sponsored pharmacokinetic (PK) animal study shows that using CannTrap with cannabis-derived products increases bioavailability up to 100 percent, while the normal bioavailability of cannabis is around 6 to 18 percent. Additionally, while it can typically take up to two hours after user ingestion to achieve the maximum benefit of a specific dose, CannTrap can reduce the maximum dose waiting period to 30 minutes and sublingually as quickly as five minutes.

“Higher bioavailability, faster absorption and prolonged effects translate into safer products, greater control and precision dosing – the holy grail of cannabis – with reduced side effects for users. CannRx is one of the few companies in the space to use clinically proven methods to deliver on that promise, and the CannTrap technology is ideal for both the medical and adult use cannabis industries,” said Dr. William Levine, CannRx Founder and Chief Scientific Officer. “When it comes to the creation of cannabis products, CannTrap is a game-changing technology that can make almost every product better. The next step in our research is to initiate human trials, which we plan to start within the next year.”

Additional CannTrap benefits include:

  • Precision-controlled formulation, as CannTrap enables accurate formulation technology and controlled effects.
  • A controlled release, with options for a brief or sustained effect, depending on the intended use. As CannTrap provides a better level of controlled delivery, this can produce short-term or longer prolonged effects.
  • Can be used with proprietary products, including CannRx’s pain and sleep formulations, which follow the same level of precision and standards.
  • Taste masking to reduce the bitterness of cannabinoids, which is compatible with a wide range of beverages and edibles.
  • Reduction of toxins and other harmful constituents, including molds and heavy metals.
  • Increased safety, since users can ingest lower doses with a similar effect and reduce unwanted side effects.


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