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Tuesday, October 26, 2021


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New Innovative Solution for Challenging Micro Stent Revision Surgery

MicroSurgical Technology (MST; Redmond, WA; in collaboration with world-renowned glaucoma and cataract surgeon Dr. Ike Ahmed, MD (Toronto, Canada), has developed the MST 19-gauge Ahmed Micro Stent Cutter. Bringing precision and control to the fore, the new instrument enables an efficient and minimally invasive solution for trimming stent protrusions.

Following the 2018 recall of the CyPass Micro-Stent1, the ASCRS Clinical Committee leaders specializing in glaucoma and cornea formed a task force to develop a consensus statement on the best way forward for those patients who had received the stent. The statement suggested that patients should be monitored for any evidence of corneal issues clinically, locally, or beyond. If the patient and physician desire intervention, trimming of the proximal end is likely to be the preferred procedure.

Dr. Ahmed has developed many novel surgical instruments and is acknowledged as the “father of MIGS”. Talking about his experience with micro-stent revision surgery, he says: “I tried several scissors including anterior segment, retinal and many intraocular scissors but they all required two hands, leaving no option to hold the gonioprism. Also, the scissors were ineffective and didn’t cut the stent so well,” explains Dr Ahmed.

Trimming the implant would require a unique instrument for access and cutting effectiveness, “similar to a cigar cutter in some ways”, adds Dr. Ahmed, and born from this challenge was the innovative MST Ahmed Micro Stent Cutter.

Dave Scott, MST’s VP of New Product Development states that “the Ahmed Micro Stent Cutter provides surgeons with an elegant solution and an effective instrument to trim and remove excess stent material. The uniqueness of the design allows for co-axial access to the stent protrusion for trimming. The cutting action of the forceps provides a clean and close cut, that retains the remnant for easy removal. The multi-functional instrument enables the procedure to be fast and effective with little to no adverse effects or need for multiple instruments. Providing surgeons with innovative instruments that simplify complex issues for improved outcomes to patients is the very core of MST’s values.”

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