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The MUSICA Workstation is designed for intuitive use with direct radiography (DR) and computed radiography (CR) general radiography, fluoroscopy, mammography* and full leg/full spine modalities.

The MUSICA Workstation provides Agfa’s digital radiography with “gold standard” MUSICA image processing software, includes international standard exposure index measurements and administrative reporting while supporting potential dose reduction.

Following the ALARA principle, the workstation provides advanced dose hygiene features including weight based exposure classes.

At RSNA 2018, radiology professionals will discover intelligent radiography powered by MUSICA, at Agfa’s booth. Developed in close cooperation with technologists, the MUSICA Workstation reflects Agfa’s commitment to putting intelligence into the hands of imaging departments, to help optimize productivity and patient care. Being the “nerve center” of the imaging environment, it offers a single, intuitive interface for smooth, efficient DR and CR general radiography, fluoroscopy, mammography and full leg/full spine (FLFS) imaging.

The MUSICA Workstation has been designed to meet the needs and tasks of technologists, radiologists and the imaging facilities themselves. Built on mature, robust and proven technologies, it incorporates customer-driven innovations that facilitate flexibility and customization. Workflows can be easily tailored to users so that the most frequent tasks are the easiest to complete. Just a few taps on the touchscreen identifies a patient, initiates an exam, controls image quality, and more. Radiologists have fast access to images, comfortable and quick reading with consistent image presentation and a unique 1-click workflow.

Covering general radiography, fluoroscopy, mammography and advanced clinical applications like full leg/full spine (FLFS) imaging and tomosynthesis, all MUSICA Workstation workflows are intuitive and efficient. An new and refreshed user interface keeps the amount of distracting visual clutter to a minimum, providing a smooth patient- and user-experience. With a similar look-and-feel across modalities, it eliminates the need for special training, increases day-to-day staff efficiency and makes support much easier.

Dedicated exam protocols are available for dynamic imaging: both fluoroscopy and rapid sequence imaging. Dedicated mammography tools are optimized for specific mammography screening or diagnostic workflows. FLFS stitching offers a seamless body view, with minimal time-consuming manual interactions.

The MUSICA Workstation provides MUSICA image processing for all Agfa DR and CR systems. This gold-standard software offers diagnostic confidence, with excellent image quality and consistent images, meeting the taste preferences of any facility and for any specialty examination. “First time right” imaging, for any collimation, body part or patient position, helps optimize the imaging workflow, while supporting value based patient care and potential dose reductions.

The MUSICA Workstation meets Exposure Index and IHE guidelines and is DICOM compliant. It also supports the IHE Radiation Exposure Monitoring (REM) profile, enabling structured dose reports to be sent directly to the picture archiving and communication system (PACS) or to dose monitoring systems. And it can be connected to the radiology information system (RIS) and PACS, enabling many tasks to be automated.

“We are focused on enabling intelligent radiography at the modality level, building in quality, safety and productivity features to improve the imaging experience of patients and staff,” comments Louis Kuitenbrouwer, VP Imaging, Agfa. “The name ‘MUSICA’ has been synonymous with quality imaging for decades, thanks to our ‘gold-standard’ image processing software. And while the software is the ‘brains’ of the imaging workflow, the Acquisition Workstation is the nerve center.”

* Digital Mammography not available in the United States.