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August 6, 2021

NexGen Medical Systems, Inc., a Minneapolis medical device company, today announced the successful completion of the first human use of their XCOIL® Large Vessel (18mm) Thrombectomy System for the treatment of deep vein thrombosis.

The new device, an expansion of the successful XCOIL® 12mm System, is designed to rapidly remove blood clots in large vessels, such as the iliac vein.

The XCOIL® Thrombectomy Systems are comprised of an Encapsulator sheath and a Retractor catheter. The Retractor is used to engage and extract the clot, pull it into the Encapsulator and remove the clot from the body, while minimizing the need for clot-dissolving lytic drugs.

“This expansion of the XCOIL® platform provides our customers with an effective portfolio of solutions for the many patients suffering from deep vein thrombosis in the United States,” said Denis Harrington, President and Chief Executive Officer of NexGen Medical Systems. “With the successful addition of our Large Vessel solution, NexGen Medical continues to demonstrate our commitment to developing advanced solutions for treating DVT blood clots and in the future expanding our platforms to treat pulmonary embolism clots.”

Dr. David Buechner, MD FSIR, Methodist Hospital, Memphis TN, shared, “Our therapeutic goal is to rapidly restore blood flow by removing the clot, quickly and safely, while minimizing the need for clot-dissolving drugs which are not appropriate for all patients and can have negative side effects. The XCOIL® Thrombectomy System provides a rapid mechanical solution and may improve outcomes, and reduce costs, for our patients.”

Blood clots can cause serious diseases and disorders, including deep vein thrombosis (leg clots), pulmonary embolisms and strokes. DVT occurs when a blood clot forms in the deep veins of the body, typically the legs. Blood clots account for more deaths each year than breast cancer, road traffic accidents, and AIDS combined.