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Norland at Swissray Recently Launched the ELITE Bone Densitometer

ELITE Bone Densitometer
ELITE Bone Densitometer

Norland at Swissray recently launched the ELITE Bone Densitometer (DXA), the largest scanner available to help clinician’s fight the battle of osteoporosis and obesity. Combined, these two health ailments account for an estimated $167 billion in medical expenses. Proper screening and awareness can significantly reduce these costs. Until the release of the ELITE DXA, tall, wide, and/or people as heavy as 625lbs could not be scanned on a DXA due to system limitations. These subjects were excluded from most studies.
Norland at Swissray developed the ELITE DXA to address the shortcomings of existing DXA systems, by doubling the scan area and increasing the weight capacity by 25%. Norland has developed a DXA scanner that is designed for all subject types. Hospitals, clinics and doctors now have the ability to scan a larger patient base than before while combatting the occurrence of osteoporosis and obesity.

This new densitometer will be on display at the AHRA Conference in Anaheim, CA July 10 – 12, booth number 542. Stop by to learn more about how this system can help reduce the medical costs associated with osteoporosis and obesity.

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