Novacyt Expands Development Partnership with Immunexpress

Novacyt (EURONEXT GROWTH: ALNOV; AIM: NCYT), an international specialist in clinical diagnostics, today announces its molecular testing division, Primerdesign Ltd. (Primerdesign), has expanded its assay development contract with Immunexpress.

Immunexpress, a U.S.-based molecular diagnostic company with the first FDA cleared host response test for suspected sepsis patients, to further support the development of rapid diagnostic assays for the detection of sepsis.

Primerdesign has been working in partnership with Immunexpress for over three years. This expansion reaffirms Immunexpress’s confidence in Primerdesign’s development capabilities and highlights the division’s pivotal role in assay development as it grows its relationships with leading diagnostics companies.

Sepsis is a potentially life-threatening complication in which a person’s immune system inappropriately responds to an infection by triggering a broader inflammatory response, which could cause damage to multiple organs and ultimately lead to death. Left undiagnosed or untreated, a patient could die within a matter of hours.

Early diagnosis of sepsis is a serious and challenging health care issue, which the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) estimates affects 1.7m people in the US per year and is responsible for 270,000 deaths[1]. Annually, sepsis affects an estimated 27-30 million people worldwide2 and represents a major unmet medical need. Sepsis is the most expensive condition treated in U.S. hospitals3 with a mean cost per severe sepsis patient of $US 24,638. Similar mean hospital costs per patient for sepsis have been determined in Europe ($US 37,424)4. In the U.S., between 2005 and 2014, the total annual cost of sepsis hospitalization increased from $22.2B to $38.1B5.

Rolland Carlson, PhD, CEO of Immunexpress, commented: “Our continued partnership with Novacyt supports our joint efforts to deliver multiplexed assays that improve the management and clinical outcomes of sepsis patients around the world. We are committed to developing diagnostic tests to enable clinicians to manage patients with sepsis or suspected sepsis and we have been impressed with Primerdesign’s ability to rapidly develop assays and their track record of CE marking diagnostic tests in a timely manner.”

Graham Mullis, Group CEO of Novacyt, added: “I am delighted that we are entering into our sixth agreement with Immunexpress to aid clinicians in patient management with sepsis. This contract expansion adds further momentum to our business-to-business segment and provides further validation of the expertise our clinical assay development service offers.

“I am pleased with the team’s progress converting a rich pipeline of business-to-business opportunities into commercial contracts. We aim to become the development partner of choice for molecular diagnostic companies who wish to efficiently deliver complex multiplexed assays.”

Financial terms of the agreement have not been disclosed.



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