November 8, 2017 Industry Focus: Prism Surgical Design Pty Ltd.

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Australian Company Forging Ahead to Develop a Spinal Fixation System Designed to Benefit Surgeons and Patients

Prism Surgical Design Pty Ltd is an Australian medical device company whose mission is to advance spinal implant innovation through a surgeon driven pipeline. The company is pleased to announce that the Australian Patent Office, IP Australia, has granted a significant patent to the company.

Prism Surgical Design Pty Ltd reports that the patent known as “A Spinal Fixation System” was issued on September 14, 2017. Patent no: 2016250447/WO/2016/205870. The patent details an invention that addresses the difficult challenges of accurate and reproducible anterior spinal plate placement at all levels of the spinal column. The unique design, invented in collaboration with Assoc. Prof. Matthew Scott-Young, addresses these challenges by securing a temporary spinal fixation plate to an interbody device through minimal surgical exposure. Simultaneously aligning the plate to the patient’s spinal column in all directions, this innovative method of spinal fixation enables a streamlined anterior, anterolateral or lateral spinal fusion technique.

The company reports that because the design allows easy, reproducible and accurate alignment of the fixation plate relative to the patient’s anatomy, the surgeon can now perform an interbody and plate construct through a minimally invasive approach resulting in decreased operative time and an obsoleted implant-related “fiddle factor” in the operating room.  The patient benefits with reduced surgical exposure, decreased surgical procedural time and a precise device construct postoperatively.

Prism Surgical has also filed for patent protection in key international markets, including the United States and parts of the European Union.

Significance of the Patents:

Brett Spence, Managing Director of Prism highlights, “These patents are significant because of the positive impact they will have on resolving difficult and often underestimated intraoperative challenges associated with anterior spinal plate placement and alignment.”

Coming Down the Pipeline:

The company is forging ahead with a pipeline of new technologies. Mr. Spence, added, “This patent approval and our pipeline of pending international patents for other technologies strengthen the Prism Surgical Technology™ platform, supporting our mission to advance innovation through surgeon driven requirements.”

An Intelligent Team Approach:

Business Manager of Prism Surgical Ms. Emma Young elaborated, “Our design teams are collaborating with leading Australian surgeons who are addressing several surgical difficulties that are often underestimated or overlooked. Furthermore, leveraging the intellectual properties of these innovations is a major focus at Prism Surgical,” stated Ms. Young.

Development and Commercialization:

Ms. Young notes, “Our business model is based on the design, development, and commercialization of our surgeon driven technologies.”  “This is an exciting time in our organization and we are confident that developing innovative technologies in this space will be the driving force to the success of the company,” concluded Ms. Young.  The company reports that the Southpole™ Insertion and Alignment System is the first system to be commercialized based on this innovative technology. By combining the Aurora™ Australis® ALIF plate and cage platform with the SouthPole™ Insertion and Alignment system, there has been more than 500 successful clinical cases performed to date. Further expansion of this technology into other areas of the spine implant market is expected to be released by the company in Q2-3 2018.

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