NuSight Medical Announces Issuance of U.S. Patent Covering the NuLids System® for Treating Dry Eye Disease

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NuSight Medical a medical device company focused on the doctor directed, at-home treatment of dry eye disease to address significant unmet needs in ophthalmic and optometric eye care, today announced that the U.S. Patent Office has issued Patent No. 10,314,763, which is directed to methods related to the treatment of Dry Eye Disease.

U.S. Patent No. 10,314,763 covers the use of the NuLids System treatment for the treatment of dry eye/ocular surface disease, blepharitis and related conditions. “The patent protects our entire NuLids system – the device and methods for its use, the disposable soft-tips, and product safety features” said Robert Foster, CEO of NuSight Medical.

All 29 claims were approved providing key declarations that involve stimulating the Meibomian glands to effectively treat dry eye. The following is excerpted directly from the abstract:

“ … an improved eyelid care appliance and method of using such appliance for preventing and treating blepharitis and mammalian meibomian gland dysfunction caused by gland obstruction. The method and apparatus of the invention enable restoration and maintenance of eyelid hygiene and the natural flow of secretions from the meibomian glands … ”

NuLids treats the predominate cause of Dry Eye Disease, Meibomian Gland Dysfunction, at home every day, which is not practical with in-office treatments. NuLids has brought the highly successful dental model to eyecare. Patients visit their dentist for a deep cleaning and other services that must be professionally performed and then maintain and improve their oral health by brushing and flossing daily while at home. NuLids brings that same paradigm to eye care. Doctors continue to provide office-based dry eye services and patients participate in their continued care by using the clinically validated NuLids System from home,” said John Olkowski, MD, cornea specialist and the inventor of NuLids.

“NuLids is flourishing because it addresses multiple problems for doctors and their patients.” added Foster. “Our professional customers and their patients report excellent results. Doctors benefit from happier, better served patients, and new revenue streams. And, patients look, feel, and see better while maintaining or reducing the cost of treating their disease.”

NuSight Medical has additional patent applications pending.



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