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[junkie-alert style=”red”] NuVasive, Inc. (NASDAQ: NUVA), the leader in spine technology innovation, focused on transforming spine surgery with minimally disruptive, procedurally-integrated solutions, today announced new lateral solutions that enable surgeons to perform lateral single-position surgery and expand the Company’s comprehensive lateral portfolio. [/junkie-alert]

The company reports that nearly 15 years ago, NuVasive revolutionized spine surgery through the development of XLIF®, the only lateral approach spine procedure proven with extensive clinical evidence and more than 400 peer-reviewed, XLIF-specific publications. NuVasive continues to innovate the XLIF procedure today by introducing lateral single-position approach to surgery and thereby increasing O.R. efficiency by reducing the number of times a patient has to be repositioned, expanding the benefits of lateral surgery to more spinal levels and decreasing the amount of time a patient is under anesthesia.

Gregory T. Lucier, chairman and chief executive officer of NuVasive explained, “NuVasive earned its reputation as the disruptive leader in spine when we created the lateral market 15 years ago, and we’ve remained relentlessly focused on advancing and expanding our technology to transform patients’ lives, surgical practices and hospitals’ ability to provide superior, best-in-care patient results.”  Lucier added, “We are transforming spine surgery around the globe through our unique technology including lateral single position surgery, the most advanced interbody implants with advanced materials science, including porous PEEK and 3D-printed porous titanium, and integrated O.R. systems that support spinal alignment, radiation reduction and imaging.”

Lateral Procedural Solutions
NuVasive expands its lateral procedural solutions with Lateral ALIF, XLIF Crestline and Lateral MAS Fixation, enabling surgeons to treat pathologies from T6-S1 to deliver efficient, predictable clinical outcomes.

  • The Lateral ALIF procedure is built on a new retractor system designed to provide direct access to L5-S1 with the patient in a lateral decubitus position. With the characteristics of a traditional supine ALIF, Lateral ALIF enables the surgeon to perform lateral single-position surgery, saving time and improving efficiency in the OR.
  • Built on the XLIF platform, XLIF Crestline is a supplemental solution, designed to gain lateral access to challenging L4-L5 levels where an XLIF cannot be performed, such as high crest, anterior psoas or an anterior plexus. The off-angle procedure allows access to disc space traditionally reached through a posterior approach, and uses the Company’s leading technologies including NVM5®, MaXcess® and XLIF implants.
  • Lateral MAS Fixation is an adapted technique using Reline®, the Company’s best-in-class fixation system designed to preserve and restore spinal alignment. The surgical technique provides surgeon partners reproducible results and increased O.R. efficiency when utilized with the Company’s leading lateral procedural solutions portfolio.

“NuVasive continues to take ownership of the lateral surgery, making it better for us as surgeons and making it better for our patients,” said Dr. Brian Kwon, orthopedic surgeon at New England Baptist Hospital. “Using XLIF, XLIF Crestline and Lateral ALIF provides the advantage of maintaining your patient in a single position. If you look, most of lumbar fusion surgery has really been done at L4 to S1, and so the ability to have these procedures available is tremendous.”

Advanced Materials Science Portfolio
Paving the way in spine surface technology, the Company unveiled its Advanced Materials Science (AMS) portfolio designed to deliver enhanced osseointegration and biomechanics through innovative implant design. With leading advanced materials in surface, structure and imaging characteristics, the portfolio includes the Company’s recently launched Modulus™ XLIF, a 3D-printed porous titanium implant, and porous PEEK™ (polyetheretherketone) technology after last month’s acquisition of Vertera Spine. NuVasive is the only medical device company to offer porous interbody technology across both PEEK and titanium materials, thereby addressing the spectrum of surgeons’ needs and preferences for advanced interbody implants. The Company’s future plans include integrating the porous PEEK technology across all its procedural offerings

The expanded lateral solutions and AMS portfolio demonstrate the Company’s deep commitment to bold innovation. These advancements in spine care join NuVasive other breakthroughs like Integrated Global Alignment® (iGA), a platform of procedurally based technologies designed to enhance clinical and economic outcomes by increasing the predictability of achieving global spinal alignment, advanced neuromonitoring with the NVM5 system, and radiation reduction with LessRay®.

NuVasive will showcase its market-leading, procedurally-integrated technologies, including the new Lateral ALIF, Modulus XLIF and LessRay in NuVasive Booth #713 at the NASS Annual Meeting held October 25-28, 2017 in Orlando, Fla.

The Company also will host a surgical innovation lab demonstration presented by Robert Isaacs, MD, Mark Medley, MD, William D. Smith, MD, and J. Alex Thomas, MD, titled “Single Position Lateral Solutions to Treat L4-S1, Featuring Advanced 3D-Printed Implants and LessRay Radiation Emission Reduction Technology” on October 26, 2017 from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. in the Green Lab at the Orange County Convention Center.