ODS Medical Received Investigational Testing Authorization from Health Canada for its SentryTM System Prototype

Monday, March 1, 2021

ODS Medical Inc. announced theyhave received Investigational Testing Authorization from Health Canada for its SentryTM System Prototype. With this authorization, ODS Medical will be able to launch a new clinical study in brain cancer surgeries at The Neuro (Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital). The study is scheduled to start later this month. Dr. Kevin Petrecca, Chief of Neurosurgery at the McGill University Health Centre, and ODS Medical Inc. co-founder, is the study’s principal investigator.

This study will utilize the SentryTM System prototype, in which a handheld instrument is used by surgeons directly in the patient to perform real-time Raman spectroscopy measurements of normal brain tissue, cancerous tissue, and in areas around the tumor where cancer cells have invaded into normal brain tissue. These non-destructive optical measurements are almost instantaneous and provide a molecular signature of these tissue types, which can be used to train machine-learning algorithms to provide critical information live during surgery.

Primary brain cancers, particularly high-grade gliomas, are the most common and aggressive brain cancer types, with mean survival times of just over a year.  While successful surgery is an important front-line therapy, recurrences are common due to the difficulty in identifying and safely removing areas of brain tissue invaded by cancer cells. Christopher Kent, President & CEO of ODS Medical, points out that “SentryTM real-time Raman spectroscopy offers new hope to patients, by giving surgeons a transformative technology that can differentiate healthy tissue from invaded tissue with the speed and spatial precision required for these delicate procedures.”

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