Olvad Holdings Announces Strategic Partnership with Obtain Medical: Called Engage Options

Awl-in-One Tap (Next-Generation) Granted U.S. Patent Reports EDGe Surgical

Awl-in-One Tap is a single-use spinal surgery instrument with disposable neuromonitoring EMG system and digital depth measurement built in. The device, which is under development, is intended to be used when creating a screw hole pathway during posterior pedicle spinal fusion surgeries.

Healthcare Safety Preparedness Post-Covid-19: Protection from Violence and Virus

If the nation has learned anything from the Covid-19 crisis, it’s that advance planning in safety preparedness is vital to our ability to respond to emergencies, whether they’re viral, violent, or otherwise.

As a result of the Global Pandemic of Covid-19, Obtain Medical (the sister company of the internationally respected Solve Distribution) has partnered with Olvad Holdings to respond and assist in giving their combined international support to this problem.

The partnership allows clients to be assisted with this crisis head on, with those who have extensive experience in distributions and procurement, as well as realizing the impact and options that decision-makers need to consider. This partnership alleviates the treacherous pitfalls buyers will encounter in the current “wild west” of PPE procurement, giving real-time and effective options through which decisions can be made to save lives and protect people.

“Engage Options officially kick-started a new focus and drive for key decision-makers to have trust and confidence in the options they have to fulfill their needs.

This exciting partnership allows the wealth of experience from both sides to enable the right decisions to be made, both from a time and financial perspective.

We are already delivering resolute results, and this will only increase as our respective global teams engage with new clients and give them the best market options available.

We are honored to be involved in this great partnership!” Michael Sanchez, owner of Olvad Holdings

Following the many high-profile worldwide investigations and arrests from opportunists and criminals, trust in the global procurement and distribution system has never been lower. After engaging with us, clients will have that trust restored, and have confidence in being able to plan and respond as is required, knowing that options are being professionally and responsibly managed.

“We bring the straight-talking, no-nonsense clarity that is required by our clients. We avoid the middlemen clogging and affecting the systems, bringing buyers direct to sellers.” Joshua Holland, owner of Obtain Medical Limited

This is the time for change. This is the Option buyers deserve. This is the time to Engage.



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