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Ortho RTi Announces Results of Two Key Scientific Studies

Ortho Regenerative Technologies Inc. (“Ortho RTi”) today announced the results of two key scientific studies validating its product’s ability to improve the repair of two distinct joint tissues – the rotator cuff tendon and articular cartilage.

The Rotator Cuff study results were presented at the Annual Orthopaedic Research Society (“ORS”) meeting.

The presentation was given by Marc Lavertu Ph.D, from Montreal’s prestigious École Polytechnique who highlighted the results of a dose ranging study examining Ortho RTi’s Ortho-R technology in the biologic repair of rotator cuff injuries.  The study used MRI and histopathology (the microscopic examination of biological tissues in very fine detail), read by blinded experts, to compare the results of Ortho-R versus standard of care in a non-clinical rotator cuff injury model in sheep. It showed that Ortho-R improved rotator cuff healing processes in this large animal model, as revealed by MRI and trends of improved structural appearance of the tendon and enthesis at 12 weeks post-op.

The accepted peer reviewed journal article titled “Freeze-dried chitosan/PRP implants improve marrow stimulated cartilage repair in a chronic defect rabbit model” will appear in an upcoming edition of the Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine.

“Our scientific evidence continues to excel and gather the attention of world experts. These are 2 more of our 16 peer-reviewed abstracts, posters, manuscripts and podium presentations in the last two years. Further, these are key publications resulting from work with experts at New York City’s renowned Hospital for Special Surgery,” said Ortho RTi’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Michael Buschmann

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