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Monday, July 4, 2022



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Orthomed Partners with Osso VR, Bringing First-of-its-Kind VR Training to Veterinary Care

Orthomed, a member of the Infiniti Medical family, announces today a partnership with Osso VR, the leading virtual reality-based surgical training company, officially bringing RoVR™ surgical training to the animal health market. This first-of-its-kind training technology allows for veterinarians to practice procedures anytime, anywhere in VR. The goal of this partnership is for Orthomed and its parent company, Infiniti Medical, to offer a full content library of veterinary procedures using Osso VR’s technology.

Already widely adopted in the medical industry, Osso VR’s on-demand, educational experiences are effective, repeatable, and measurable to help veterinarians reach proficiency with emerging techniques and medical devices. Utilizing this technology, veterinarians will have access to VR training to gain muscle memory for increasing performance, knowledge and confidence in various procedures. Allowing veterinarians to experience and practice a procedure in VR before performing it on an animal increases the chances for a positive outcome.

“RoVR™ is a valuable new resource for veterinarians to gain exposure and practice in performing surgeries. There is a growing body of evidence which shows that repeated  participation in VR training leads to increased confidence and more effective clinical outcomes for our pets,” said Jared Finegold, CEO of Infiniti Medical-Orthomed. “We are proud to be the first animal health company offering VR training technology to veterinarians worldwide.”

The first VR module being released is for cruciate ligament repair surgery using OrthoMed’s Canine Cruciate Repair System. The surgery is a common and mainstream canine procedure that occurs when the dog has a tear in their cruciate ligaments, located in the knee. The surgery provides re-stabilization of the knee to help them regain their mobility.

“Osso VR offers the opportunity to train and assess yourself on any procedure in VR  in order to learn new procedures, and to maintain your proficiency on existing ones.  I’m incredibly excited that we can expand our evidence-backed technology into veterinary care for the first time ever by partnering with Infiniti Medical-Orthomed, a leader in the animal health technology space .” said Justin Barad MD, CEO and co-founder of Osso VR.

Osso VR’s platform boasts an exceptional level of visual fidelity, ensuring every aspect of surgery, from anatomical detail to the OR environment, enhances the training experience.  In addition, the technology is proven to significantly impact surgical performance.  In two recent level 1 randomized peer-reviewed studies, surgeons training with Osso VR showed anywhere from a 230 percent to 306 percent improvement in overall surgical performance compared to traditional training. In addition, Osso VR enables healthcare professionals, including veterinarians, to  train together in VR from anywhere in the world through Remote Collaboration.


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