Oska Wellness Secures $5.5 Million Private Investment

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Oska WellnessOska Wellness has raised $5.5 million in a first round of funding as consumers and the medical industry search for drug-free alternatives to manage pain. All investors in the round have strong ties to the healthcare industry and personally use the brand’s PEMF machine, Oska Pulse, for pain relief. The new capital infusion is earmarked for sales, marketing, distribution and product development, and will help Oska Wellness better serve the 100 million Americans who suffer daily from chronic pain.

Investors in the seed financing round include:

  • Greg Battle, Former director design, manufacture, distribution John Deere Australia/New Zealand, McDonald’s licensee Perth, Australia;
  • Leslie H. Cross, chief executive officer of Alphatec Spine and former chief executive officer of DJO;
  • Stephen Cushman, founder of Cush Enterprises;
  • Mick Dannin, chief executive officer of the Noël Group;
  • Falls Angel Fund, LLC, formed in April 2016 and based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota;
  • Luke Faulstick, chief executive officer of South Dakota Partners, and former chief operating officer of DJO;
  • GlobalLink1 Capital, global investment firm managing long-term investments across multiple asset classes including private equity, venture capital, and strategic financing;
  • Bill Koman, chief executive officer and chairman at The Koman Group;
  • Richard Mejia, Retired EY Partner;
  • Eric Nagel, partner and semiconductor analyst at Inflection Point Research;
  • Dr. Murray Rosenthal, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine and fellow of the American Psychiatric Association;
  • T. Denny Sanford, South Dakota businessman and the country’s preeminent healthcare philanthropist, founder and owner of First Premier Bank, and chairman and chief executive officer of United National Corporation;
  • Keith Valentine, president and chief executive officer of SeaSpine Holdings Corporation.

“We’re thrilled to close this first round of funding. Over 100 million Americans suffer daily from chronic pain and everyone involved in the round knows personally and professionally how debilitating it can be,” said Greg Houlgate, co-founder of Oska Wellness. “This equity will further expand our efforts to help people live more active lives with less pain. We want to make a drug-free alternative available, accessible and affordable to everyone struggling with pain as they seek to reclaim their lives—and our wearable, tech-driven Oska Pulse device is that alternative.”

Chronic pain is the leading cause of long-term disability in the U.S., affecting more people than diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined. Clinically proven Oska Pulse addresses the chronic pain epidemic and brings relief to those who need it most, using Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) technology. Oska Pulse will help to reduce inflammation, improve mobility and relieve pain by accelerating the body’s ability to repair injured cells and increasing blood flow. Addressing pain at the source rather than simply masking it, Oska Pulse is ideal for acute or chronic pain, including back, knee, neck, joint, muscle and more. Unlike many other pain intervention therapies, Oska Pulse has no known side effects, is non-invasive, lightweight, portable, shareable, and comes at a one-time cost. It is also reimbursable through Flexible Spending Accounts and Health Savings Accounts and is TSA-approved for travel.

Oska Pulse is available over-the-counter, online at www.oskawellness.com, FSAstore.com, HSAstore.com and Amazon. Oska Wellness is also rapidly expanding in to key healthcare channels with adoption and utilization of its unique pain management device, Oska Pulse From Your Doctor, with key partners; Scripps Hospitals and Integrative Medicine Clinic, Sanford Health and Kaiser Permanente to name a few



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Barbara has extensive business and management experience in the private, public, and regulated sectors.

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