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Friday, October 22, 2021


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Paragonix Technologies Launches New OPTION On-Demand Preservation Services Network

Integrated network provides transplant programs nationwide with expedited access to advanced organ preservation and transport solutions.

LUNGguard Donor Lung Preservation System: Paragonix Announces First-in-Man Use by Duke University Hospital

The LUNGguard System represents a radical advance from ice and off-the-shelf coolers that has been the standard-of-care for over 50 years of organ transplantation.

FDA Clears LUNGguard for Donor Lung Preservation System

The Paragonix LUNGguard Donor Lung Preservation System is intended to be used for the static hypothermic preservation of lungs during transportation and eventual transplantation into a recipient using cold storage solutions indicated for use with the lungs. The intended organ storage time for LUNGguard is up to 8 hours.

First Successful Use of Paragonix SherpaPak™ Cardiac Transport System in Pediatric Transplant Recipients

Starting in Q1 2019, Paragonix SherpaPak™ CTS have been shipped with heart connectors covering most aortic diameters, permitting the anchoring of variously sized hearts, including small pediatric hearts, to its proprietary suspension system for improved donor heart transport.

Expansion of Partnership Between Paragonix and the Lung Transplant Foundation To Accelerate Commercialization of Innovative Lung Preservation Technlogies

Paragonix is currently completing commercial development of the Paragonix SherpaLung™ Preservation System and expects the filing of FDA pre-market notification and European CE clearance by Q4 2019. The Paragonix SherpaLung™ Preservation System is designed to ensure optimal lung preservation during its journey from donor to recipient patient by incorporating medically proven and clinically validated preservation techniques combined with lung inflation pressure control, ensuring stable inflation pressure on the ground or during air transport.

SherpaPak™ Cardiac Transport Systems and SherpaPerfusion™ Cardiac Transport System Presented at the 38th Annual Meeting of the International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation

4/3/18: The SherpaPak™ Organ Transport product line1,2 combines innovative cooling technology with safe, consistent methods for cold ischemic storage and transport of donor organs to recipients for implantation. The SherpaPerfusion™ Cardiac Transport System family of products consists of a single-use, disposable device for hypothermic oxygenated perfusion preservation and transport of donor hearts.

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