Paul Mirabella President and CEO Paul J. Mirabella Investments and Consulting Joins CorTechs Labs’ Board of Directors

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Today CorTechs Labs Inc. announced today that healthcare and diagnostic imaging industry veteran Paul Mirabella has joined the company’s board of directors as its newest member. Paul, who has worked as a senior executive in the healthcare industry for over 40 years, will play an active role in advising CorTechs Labs on matters including, but not limited to, business development strategy as well as product development and enhancement.

Mr. Mirabella is currently president and chief executive officer (CEO) of Paul J. Mirabella Investments and Consulting, LLC, where he oversees consulting and investments in the medical device industry and medical diagnostics. He is actively involved in developing imaging solutions to reduce radiation exposure as well as artificial intelligence applications in a range of healthcare sectors, with a current focus in neurology. Previously, he served as president and CEO of GE Healthcare Global Diagnostic Imaging Business and the Global Services Business. More recently, he was a key investor in and served as chairman and CEO of Naviscan, Inc., developer of a high resolution, organ-specific PET scanner. He also held four of the original patents in computed tomography.

“I am extremely passionate about working with innovative technology companies to try to improve the outcomes and efficiency of the health care system,” said Paul. “I look forward to building upon the CorTechs Labs current momentum to deploy leading-edge technology providing medical professionals with deeper insights into the diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases and, most importantly, elevates patient care.”

Paul Mirabella holds a bachelor’s of science in aerospace engineering and applied mechanics from the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn (now NYU) and a master’s in mechanical engineering from the University of Central Florida. He has been a guest lecturer on leadership at the University of California, San Diego Rady School of Management.

“Paul brings a wealth of knowledge from his 40+ years of experience in diagnostic imaging roles at GE Healthcare and his continued private equity consulting for healthcare businesses that is invaluable for the company,” said Dr. Chris Airriess, CEO of CorTechs Labs. “We are honored to have Paul on our board of directors and strive to tap his expertise in our continued goal of helping physicians to provide better patient care with the aid of advanced diagnostic imaging solutions.”

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