Peer-reviewed Article on Ortho RTi’s Ortho-R Implants to Aid in Meniscus Repair Published in Regenerative Medicine and Therapeutics

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Clinical management of meniscus tears often involves partial meniscectomy, which can lead to osteoarthritis due to the tissue’s limited healing response.  The purpose of the study reported in the article was to assess the feasibility of using Ortho RTi’s “Ortho-R” hybrid implants to improve meniscus repair in ovine models.  An abstract of the article can be accessed on the internet here.

Quoting from the article, “Complete repair and seamless repair tissue integration were observed in 1 out of 4 [Ortho-R] treated defects in the first study after 3 months and in 1 out of 2 [Ortho-R] treated defects in the second study after 6 weeks, while there was no healing with [platelet rich plasma] or wrapping alone. These pilot feasibility studies demonstrated that [Ortho-R] injectable implants display some potential to improve meniscus repair outcomes in pre-clinical models and could overcome some of the current limitations of meniscus repair by assisting in restoring meniscus structure and function.”

Dr. Brent Norton, Executive Chairman and CEO commented, “This is the second paper published this month that has shown the strong potential that our proprietary biopolymer platform holds for improving the success rate of soft tissue sports injury surgeries.  We are working diligently to advance the technology’s development and look forward to updating all of our stakeholders as we progress.”

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