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Perspectum Partners with UT Southwestern Medical Center on Dallas Heart & Minds Study

The DHMS initial aim was to improve the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of heart disease, over the years this has expanded to encompass metabolic diseases, such as fatty liver disease.  

Perspectum’s Digital Biliary Tree Viewer, MRCP+ Receives FDA Clearance Announces Perspectum Diagnostics

1/23/19: The company has developed quantitative MRI and AI algorithms for MRCP images to provide improved visualization of intra-hepatic ducts and measure the widths of bile ducts, biliary tree volume and gallbladder volume. Combining image viewing, processing, and reporting tools, the metrics provided are designed to support physicians in the visualization, evaluation, monitoring, and reporting of hepatobiliary structures. This is especially relevant for serial evaluation in PSC patients.

Perspectum Diagnostics Announces Collaboration to Advance Development of Therapies for Patients with Serious Liver Disease

“We believe that this unique partnership will bring together novel technologies with deep clinical development experience to address high unmet medical needs for patients with liver disease,” according to Dr Cathy O’Hare, Head of US operations for Perspectum, based in South San Francisco.