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Smart Meter Announces AADE 2018 Poster Presentation on How iGlucose® System Impacts Remote Monitoring of Patients with Diabetes (Medical Device News Magazine)

Study Shows Improvements in HbA1c, Frequency of Testing, in Range Results, and Quality of Office Visit Counseling Using the iGlucose® Cellular Diabetes Care Solution

AADE Conference, Smart Meter, an innovative diabetes management data, technology and solutions company, today announced a poster presentation, The Benefits of Remote Monitoring of Real Time Blood Glucose Data Using iGlucose® System in Managing Patients with Diabetes, at the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) Annual Conference in Baltimore, Maryland August 17th – 20th.

The poster will detail a study measuring the impact of the iGlucose® Cellular Diabetes Care Solution on 60 participants’ personal diabetes management and how access to real-time data through remote monitoring can help clinicians improve health outcomes and quality of care. The 90-day study, managed by FlexCare Health Solutions and Pharmacy, included patients and clinicians from Accent on Health LLC, in Washington, D.C., Howard University Diabetes Center, in Washington, D.C., and the Endocrinology Group of Southern Maryland, the office of Dr. Allison Kerr, in Clinton, Maryland. All participants involved in the study were sharing results through a remote monitoring system for the first time.

The study demonstrated significant patient and clinician benefits to support the addition of remote monitoring with iGlucose into the care of patients with diabetes.

The study revealed that 89% of participants said self-checking their blood glucose levels was less of a hassle with iGlucose. After three months, the frequency of testing compliance improved 44%. Overall, participants reported to be more engaged and confident they could manage their diabetes, with 67% reporting they felt less isolated and alone using the iGlucose program. Additionally, 92% of participants said they had more valuable in-office clinician visits when reviewing the iGlucose data.

By adding remote monitoring with iGlucose’s real-time data, clinicians identified 70% of patients whose out of range or testing trends required closer monitoring. Of those patients, 26% were recognized as “at risk” based on below range trends and received immediate intervention, while 65% of patients received additional education and follow up calls based on their above range trends. Clinicians involved in the study said iGlucose also improved office productivity and workflow, and was easy to incorporate into their practices.

“The iGlucose solution is an excellent tool for my practice, as it allows for greater insights between patient visits. It optimizes precious time during patient visits, as we do not have to spend time downloading meters or trying to counsel a patient without seeing their latest trends because they left their meter home,” said Dr. Gail L. Nunlee-Bland, Howard University Diabetes Treatment Center. “We saw significant benefits to both the patients and our practice during the study, and we look forward to expanding our use of the iGlucose system to additional patients.”

FlexCare Healthcare Solutions and Pharmacy offers iGlucose Remote Patient Management as a service to practices with chronic care management programs.

“None of the patients involved in the study were sharing data with their clinician prior to the study. They either didn’t know their current blood glucose device could share data or the technology was too difficult to use,” said Vivian Ayuk, Chief Executive Officer of FlexCare.  “iGlucose was simple and the data sharing was automatic. “By offering an iGlucose program to clinical practices, FlexCare is able to expand our business reach and become a valued consultant to the clinicians.”

“This study demonstrates the significant impact a simple cellular solution like iGlucose can have on people with diabetes and their clinicians,” said Cliff McIntosh, Chief Executive Officer at Smart Meter, LLC. “The iGlucose solution enabled better clinical analyses, streamlined workflow for healthcare teams, and improved treatment decisions between office visits. Clinicians have sought a simpler way to review timely information and effectively engage patients, which iGlucose now delivers. Additionally, with reimbursement opportunities for remote patient monitoring, the use of these tools will be encouraged and further adopted.”

AADE is the premier educational and networking event for diabetes educators. The full schedule of events at the AADE can be viewed here:

Poster Presentation Title: The Benefits of Remote Monitoring of Real Time Blood Glucose Data using iGlucose System in Managing Patients with Diabetes

Lead Presenter:  Vivian N. Ayuk, PharmD/CDE, FlexCare Pharmacy

Poster Presentation Dates:
August 17, 18, and 19, 2018; 12:00 p.m.1:00 p.m., Exhibit Hall C, P823

Smart Meter will be showcasing its iGlucose Cellular Diabetes Care Solution in booth 300 at AADE18.


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