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PrinterPrezz, Inc., a trailblazer in combining metal 3D printing, nanotechnologies and surgical expertise to design and manufacture next generation medical devices, today announced that it has partnered with UCSF Surgical Innovations, an incubator-accelerator for medtech innovators at UC San Francisco. Together, both groups are focused on bringing advanced medical devices to market faster. The partnership includes:

  • A co-located innovation facility at PrinterPrezz Inc. that provides engineering and manufacturing access, along with an open ecosystem of hardware, software and engineering that facilitates the commercialization of new ideas in less time
  • Access to the expertise of UCSF clinicians, engineers, trainees, and administrative staff and their knowledge of clinical needs and product performance specifications
  • A platform for both protection of UCSF intellectual property (IP) and jointly developing new IP, further accelerating research into development of actual products

Dr. Hanmin Lee, Professor of Surgery at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals and Surgical Innovations’ Clinical Lead, commented, “Our commitment to innovation, research, and new technologies drives us to continuously develop transformative methods of care. UCSF Surgical Innovations’ partnership brings together university research and development expertise with access to outstanding industry design and manufacturing capabilities.”

Dr. Jeffrey Barry, Assistant Professor of Clinical Orthopaedic Surgery at UCSF, specializing in adult hip and knee reconstruction for arthritis, added, “Building on experience as an arthroplasty surgeon, I have several ideas that I have been developing, and this relationship gives me the opportunity to work with design engineers to further develop, prototype and build new devices with the goal of improving patient care.”

“We recognize the special role of innovation hospitals in making clinical advancements more accessible to broader patient populations,” said Shri Shetty, CEO of Bay Area-based PrinterPrezz Inc. “We established our co-location center as a foundation for hospital partners to incubate and accelerate ideas from sketches to commercialization quickly. Our joint IP agreement provides our partner hospitals an essential environment to develop their ideas safely. PrinterPrezz provides direct access design and production technologies, allowing UCSF clinicians to develop more ideas than previously possible.”

PrinterPrezz’s unique co-location center provides key resources to partners including access to technology, IP incubation, and faster commercialization. This opens doors for innovation hospitals to take existing dormant IP and new ideas to market quickly by providing direct access to resources not available inside the hospital.