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ProCure Proton Therapy Center Offers Non-Invasive Solution

ProCure Proton Therapy Center reports that Tom Corlett, a retired New Jersey resident, first learned of his brain tumor by accident, when sinus pain drove him to see his doctor. Several tests later, he was shocked to discover that it was not sinus pain but instead a golf-ball-sized meningioma brain tumor sitting right behind his nose.

As the tumor continued growing, Corlett braced himself for surgery, which he thought was the only viable option, although he was terrified of taking this invasive route.

But after more research, Corlett learned about a non-invasive option at ProCure Proton Therapy Center. Proton therapy is a highly advanced form of radiation treatment that, unlike standard radiation, safely and precisely destroys cancer cells while sparing surrounding healthy tissue.

In Corlett’s case, he chose ProCure because it effectively stopped the tumor from growing. “I had no residual effects from the procedure,” Corlett said. “Physically, I feel fine. I’m back to playing golf and chasing the grandkids around.”

Dr. Brian Chon, ProCure Proton Therapy Center Medical Director, said proton therapy’s precision makes it ideal for many types of cancers, including complex cases and recurrent tumors. Proton therapy can help preserve neurocognitive function by limiting doses to the normal, uninvolved brain when compared to X-ray based treatments.

“We are grateful to play a role in Tom’s journey,” Dr. Chon said. “Brain tumors can significantly impact quality of life, and they are sometimes near critical organs. This often makes proton therapy a good option.”

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