​Protenus, a healthcare compliance analytics platform that protects patient privacy for the nation’s leading health systems announced today a strategic partnership with RADAR, the award-winning provider of incident response management software, to help healthcare organizations reduce the risks associated with unauthorized disclosures of protected health information (PHI).

Health data security has become an increasing concern across the healthcare industry, with the Protenus Breach Barometer reporting 4.4M patient records breached in Q3 2018, putting millions of patients at risk for having their most sensitive information exposed. The partnership between Protenus and RADAR offers healthcare organizations the ability to use automation, artificial intelligence, and predictive analytics to efficiently detect and assess the risks associated with privacy and security incidents, ensuring compliance with HIPAA, U.S. state data breach notification regulations, and international regulations such as GDPR.

“Protenus and RADAR share a commitment to applying advanced technology to solve complex problems related to patient data privacy and security,” said Mahmood Sher-Jan, CEO of RADAR. “Protenus’ ability to detect inappropriate accesses to patient data within a health system’s electronic health records and associated systems complements RADAR’s automated multi-factor incident risk assessment and breach determination and notification capabilities. Together, our platforms provide healthcare organizations the benefit of full-cycle incident response management.”

“Health organizations are increasingly in need of innovative solutions to help reduce risk related to health data security,” said Stacey Davis, VP of Business Development for Protenus. “RADAR’s patented incident response functionality alongside Protenus’ AI-powered analytics provide health systems, HIEs, and payers the ability to better manage compliance requirements and mitigate risk across the