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Publication of Outcomes of Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty (ESG) in 1,000 Consecutive Patients

Apollo Endosurgery, Inc. announced the publication of Outcomes of Endoscopic Gastroplasty (“ESG”) in 1,000 Consecutive Patients from a single center – King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia featured in Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (GIE)

ESG is an endoscopic minimally invasive weight loss procedure based on full-thickness endoscopic suturing using Apollo’s OverStitch™ device. In the ESG procedure, a series of sutures are placed through the gastric wall reducing the stomach volume by 80% creating a restrictive endoscopic sleeve. The result allows a patient to consume less food and remain satiated longer.

“Our experience has been that patients find the ESG procedure very appealing and for our practice it is now an established option for our patients. In these first 1,000 consecutive patients that we treated with Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty, patients experienced a 100% remission for hypertension related comorbidities, a 70% remission rate for type 2 diabetes with the remaining 30% showing significant improvement, and we confirmed that ESG is a safe, well-tolerated, and effective procedure. In addition, we also achieved 64.7% excess weight loss at 18 months follow-up, which is comparable to results achieved with other surgical bariatric interventions,” said Dr. Aayed AlQahtani, Professor of Surgery at King Khalid University Hospital and Director of Obesity Chair at King Saud University.

Key data reported from the 1,000 patients who underwent the ESG procedure include:

  • Mean age was 34.4 ±9.5 years, and mean BMI was 33.3 ±4.5 kg/m2
  • Mean % total weight loss at 18 months was 14.8 ±8.5%
  • Significant impact to obesity related comorbidities occurred by month three:
    • 13 of 17 cases of type 2 diabetes were in complete remission
    • All 28 cases of hypertension were in complete remission
    • 18 of 32 cases of dyslipidemia were in complete remission
  • 24 (2.4%) patients were admitted to the hospital due to postoperative complaints. No patient required an emergency intervention and there were no mortalities

Note: The OverStitch endoscopic suturing system enables advanced endoscopic surgery by allowing physicians to place full-thickness sutures from a flexible endoscope. This new technology enables a secure approximation of tissue endoscopically and a wide range of less invasive solutions for physicians who treat defects in both the upper and lower GI tract of their patients. Additionally, physicians are leveraging endoscopic suturing to perform a variety of advanced bariatric procedures. 

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