Ross Hansen Joins Axcend as VP of Sales

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Ross Hansen has joined the company as Vice President of Sales at Axcend. In his executive role with the company, Hansen is responsible for leading and directing worldwide sales efforts for Axcend, both domestically and around the globe, including both direct and channel sales programs.

“As a trained chemist and former Forensic Scientist, I have seen the leading chromatography solutions in the world,” Hansen said. “Without a doubt, the Axcend Focus LC™ is the most exciting HPLC system introduced in the last three decades. Not only can it be used in any lab, but it can also be used in ways and locations not possible with current offerings. That’s why I believe the Axcend Focus LC has the ability to dramatically expand the high-performance liquid chromatography marketplace.”

Most recently, Hansen was with Thermo Fisher Scientific for over three years where he was both Senior Channel Manager (North America) and Americas Sample Handling Specialist. Previously, he spent over 19 years as a sales representative with Agilent (and Hewlett Packard/Agilent) and two-plus years with Perkin Elmer.

Previously, Hansen also spent four years with the Monroe County Regional Crime Lab in New York as a Forensic Scientist, as well as over two years with Schenectady Chemicals as a Synthetic Organic Chemist.

Hansen graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from State University of New York, and he also received a Certificate in Biology from Rutgers University.

“I’m thrilled to have such a qualified and experienced chromatography sales executive as Ross Hansen join our team,” said Axcend CEO and Co-Founder, Glen Mella. “Academically trained as a chemist, Ross has been selling chromatography solutions worldwide for three of the biggest scientific instrument companies in the world. And now he’ll lead our efforts to introduce our innovative and affordable instrument into the marketplace.

“We believe we have invented a world-changing HPLC with the Axcend Focus LC, a hand-portable nano-flow capillary system that’s roughly the size of a shoebox, weighs only 16 pounds, uses 1/500th the solvents and generates 1/500th the amount of waste as existing HPLCs. Not only can it be used anywhere within a lab, university or manufacturing company, it can easily be transported to (and used) anywhere it the world. Which is why we say, ‘HPLC Anywhere™.'”



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