Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System Establishes Leadership in Cardiac Imaging on the West Coast with Acquisition of Canon Medical Systems’ Vantage Titan / Zen Edition

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The Vantage TitanTM / Zen Edition 1.5T from Canon Medical Systems USA, Inc. has been installed at Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System’s Ryan Ranch Center for Advanced Diagnostic Imaging.

The facility, which now has the first MR Theater on the west coast with the acquisition of the Vantage Titan / Zen Edition, is leveraging the technology to perform cardiac exams, as well as vascular, abdominal and neuro imaging exams. Thanks to the cardiac features included on the premium MR system and a complete suite of contrast-free MRA techniques, clinicians at Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital and within the entire Healthcare System are able to utilize cardiac data that wasn’t previously accessible, while mitigating the health risks that can be associated with contrast imaging.

“We’ve gotten remarkable feedback from patients that we’ve scanned so far on the Vantage TitanTM / Zen Edition 1.5T,” said Dr. Kanae Mukai, MD, medical director, noninvasive cardiovascular imaging, Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System. “Not only is the experience in a more pleasant setting, but the clinicians gain more confidence by having access to more clinical information. Thanks to the CardioLine+ auto-alignment feature, along with high level tissue characterization1 and image analysis, clinicians can go a step further in their diagnosis to provide better care.”

“What a lot of clinicians don’t know is that there is a lot of analysis you can do without the use of contrast with Canon Medical’s Vantage TitanTM / Zen Edition 1.5T,” added Dr. Kanae Mukai. “Things that were unimaginable before are now possible with this scanner. We’ve been able to conduct exceptional vascular and cardiac imaging exams without the use of contrast and we have been extremely impressed with the system.”

The system features several patient safety and comfort tools, workflow enhancements and new clinical applications aimed towards improving image quality for a variety of assessments, specifically related to cardio. Features that Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital is uniquely leveraging include:

  • Enhanced cardiac workflow: Multi-echo T2* Mapping takes cardiac workfl­ow one step further. T2* maps with Canon Medical’s updated FFE2D mEcho sequence can be used in quantification and analysis of myocardial iron overload1. SUREVOITM with CardioLine+ (Option) also offers cardiac anatomy recognition technology to automatically determine the position of the heart. The enhanced CardioLine+ application works with SUREVOI to automatically detect anatomical landmarks for accurate and reproducible positioning to complete alignment of 14 standard cardiac views with minimal operator interaction.
  • Expanded cardiac capabilities: Advanced non-contrast vascular imaging analysis tools including proprietary coronary tracking software, as well as further enhancements in delayed enhancement imaging including Phase Sensitive Inversion Recovery (PSIR).
  • Safe, minimized-risk imaging: An increasing awareness of the potential risks associated with gadolinium-based contrast agents has revealed the need for alternative, contrast-free MRA techniques. The Vantage Titan provides clinicians four generations of unique, non-contrast MRA sequences that minimize risk to patients while producing exceptional images.
  • Enhanced patient comfort: The MR Theater gives patients a visual focal point to distract patients from their MR exam. Peaceful images encourage patients to relax and stay still, enabling clinicians to produce efficient, high-quality imaging. Combined with Canon Medical Systems’ exclusive Pianissimo™ quiet scan technology, which helps reduce acoustic noise during the MR exam, patients are able to listen to in-ear audio as the MR Theater provides continuous projections for a truly engaging experience.

“The Vantage Titan 1.5T Zen Edition further proves Canon Medical’s commitment to delivering the best tools to our customers to push the boundaries of what is possible with MR imaging,” said Dominic Smith, senior director, CT, PET/CT, and MR Business Units, Canon Medical Systems USA, Inc. “This technology is helping clinicians forge new ground in advanced imaging capabilities and quality, while not only maintaining a positive patient experience, but enabling them to improve it exponentially.”



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