Sanquin and Abbott announced today that they signed a multiple-year contract for the supply of primary serological equipment and consumables, including Abbott’s Alinity™ s system, for blood and plasma screening.[i] This agreement extends Abbott and Sanquin’s long-standing relationship of more than 10 years.

Anton van Weert, Ph.D., M.B.A., Manager Sanquin Donor Screening and Infectious Disease Diagnostics, Amsterdam. said, “We conducted an evaluation of multiple potential solutions across numerous parameters to quantify the total value of ownership among screening platforms.  Operational aspects were evaluated by the team of Ed Bakker, Head Infectious diseases of the National Screening laboratory Sanquin. van Weert adds, “When we tested the Alinity s solution, we observed clear differentiation in assay performance, footprint efficiency, and ease of use that will help us further optimize our laboratory operations,” said Bakker.

In a testing specialty that can require extensive hands-on time, the innovative automation and flexibility of the Alinity s platform will help Sanquin increase efficiency while maintaining the high levels of accuracy for blood and plasma screening. “Importantly, the high specificity of the assays for donor screening further minimizes the unnecessary disposal of blood and plasma units given voluntarily by our donors,” van Weert added. The Alinity s solution is purpose-built to meet the accuracy and efficiency needs of blood and plasma screening customers around the world. Sanquin provided significant but independent input into the design of the Alinity s system and served as a clinical testing site during the development process.

“Abbott is excited to expand our partnership with Sanquin, a global leader in blood and plasma screening,” said Louis Morrone, vice president, Transfusion Medicine, Abbott. “The Alinity s solution builds on Abbott’s legacy of life-changing technology to ensure safe blood products are available to patients.”


[i]The Alinity s system for blood and plasma screening is CE marked and available in select markets; this system is not cleared for use in the United States.