Paragonix Technologies, Inc., is a privately held medical device company innovating the Paragonix SherpaPak™ and SherpaPerfusion™ Cardiac Transport System, a novel, single-use organ preservation device to improve donor organ quality.  Today the company announced they will present the SherpaPak™ Organ Transport product line at Booth 14 during the 38th Annual Meeting of the International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation (ISHLT) (Nice, France, 11-14 April 2018). The SherpaPak™ Organ Transport product line1,2 combines innovative cooling technology with safe, consistent methods for cold ischemic storage and transport of donor organs to recipients for implantation. The SherpaPerfusion™ Cardiac Transport System family of products consists of a single-use, disposable device for hypothermic oxygenated perfusion preservation and transport of donor hearts.

During the ISHLT conference, Paragonix will announce the European launch of the SherpaPak™ Cardiac Transport System and SherpaPerfusion™ Cardiac Transport system.

“For years, we have faced many problems related to heart transplantation. Transportation was not considered a big issue because it is has been done same way since the heart transplant programs started 50 years ago. However, now that many of the biggest technical transplantation issues have been solved, we are now begin to believe that the transportation of the donor organ can be improved,” commented Juan-Miguel Gil-Jaurena, MD, Cardiac Surgeon at Gregorio Marañon University Hospital, Madrid, Spain and Board Member of the Spanish Society of Cardiology and European Congenital Heart Surgeons Association member.  He added, “Any step forward in organ procurement and preservation is worthwhile and welcome. It seems that Paragonix has addressed this critical issue with its advanced SherpaPak™ Cardiac Transport system and SherpaPerfusion™ Cardiac Transport systems. We hope to begin a collaboration with Paragonix soon.”

Sebastian G.A. Michel, MD, a Cardiothoracic Surgeon at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich, Germany, commented, “Following my earlier studies of SherpaPak™ and SherpaPerfusion™ during my research fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, USA, I have been looking forward to the introduction of both products in Europe. My team previously reported preclinical data regarding SherpaPerfusion3,4 at the 37th Annual Meeting of the International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation5. SherpaPerfusion™ Cardiac Transport System is designed to improve donor heart quality during currently accepted clinical preservation intervals and to extend preservation times. SherpaPak™ is a great advance over the current ice storage and SherpaPerfusion™ will open up the possibility of greater geographic procurement of donor organs.”

President and COO of Paragonix, Dr. Lisa Anderson concluded, “We are looking forward to discussing the SherpaPak™ and SherpaPerfusion™ Organ Transport Systems with the clinical community during the ISHLT Annual Meeting. We are excited to commence our support of the European transplant community.”