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Saturday, October 16, 2021


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Smallest, Lowest Prime Volume, Full-Size Adult* Capiox® Oxygenator Introduced by Terumo Cardiovascular Group

January 16, 2019:

Terumo Cardiovascular Group, a global leader in cardiovascular surgery technologies, today announced the launch of its smallest full-size adult* oxygenator, the Capiox® NX19 Oxygenator with UltraPrime™ Technology.

Terumo Cardiovascular Group began sales of the product in the U.S. and Europe and will expand its sales coverage to Japan and Asia.

Through Terumo’s most advanced product design to date, the new Capiox NX19 oxygenator helps minimize the impact of cardiopulmonary bypass by reducing hemodilution, minimizing inflammatory response, and providing highly efficient gaseous microemboli (GME) removal.

“The Capiox NX19 oxygenator is the next step in Terumo’s legacy of oxygenator innovation,” said Robert DeRyke, President and CEO of Terumo Cardiovascular Group. “Terumo introduced the world’s first hollow fiber oxygenator in 1982 and remains at the forefront of the industry, developing high quality products that help save patient lives.”

New UltraPrime technology combines proprietary materials with engineering expertise to deliver a priming volume of just 185 mL and a maximum blood flow of up to 8 L/min. Evidence supports the use of lower prime circuits to reduce hemodilution, leading to fewer blood transfusions and lower risk of acute kidney injury (AKI).1

The Capiox NX19 oxygenator incorporates Terumo’s new proprietary hollow fibers woven in a unique pattern to provide low prime and surface area reduction while delivering high gas exchange performance, all without increasing pressure drop.

A patent-pending pre-heat-exchanger technology removes air before it enters the highly efficient heat exchanger. This in combination with Terumo’s original self-venting technology and new Prime Assist feature ensures excellent GME removal.


Ranucci M., Effects of Priming Volume Reduction on Allogeneic Red Blood Cell Transfusions and Renal Outcome After Heart Surgery. Perfusion. 2015; Vol 30(2) 120-126.

* Full-size adult oxygenator with maximum flow range of 6-8 L/min.


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