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CORI Surgical System Launches

"The CORI Surgical System is truly next-generation robotics. Its efficient handheld form factor is ideal for surgery centers, which is where the market is moving, and it just erases away bone with the new bone milling technique," said Dr. Jimmy Chow, Orthopaedic Surgeon for Hip and Knee, Orthopedic Institute of the West.

The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery Published Article Shows Smith+Nephew’s OXINIUM™ on XLPE for Total Hip Arthroplasty as Best Performing Bearing Beyond 10...

Total hip arthroplasty using a bearing combination of OXINIUM on XLPE versus traditional ceramic or metal constructs results in greatly improved survivorship and significantly reduced the need for revision. Read more.

Smith+Nephew Launches New JOURNEY™ II Unicompartmental Knee System

JOURNEY™ II Unicompartmental Knee System provides a highly personalized approach to partial knee arthroplasty, via a modular, two-tray configuration, which may drive value and cost reduction in sterilization costs through a reduced OR footprint3-4 and instrumentation that can be customized to match a familiar surgical flow.

Smith+Nephew Launches OR3O Dual Mobility System

OXINIUM Technology is the first advanced bearing material available to support modular dual mobility throughout the entire offering

LENS 4K Surgical Imaging System Launched

The LENS 4K System features a Camera Control Unit with an integrated light source, Camera Head, image management options and Tablet Application in a single solution. The latest native 4K 3CMOS Ultra High Definition technology combined with Smith+Nephew's proprietary image and light processing is intended to create impressive color reproduction, image clarity, and depth of field.

Leaf Healthcare, Inc. Acquired by Smith & Nephew

4/1/19: Leaf Healthcare are developers of the Leaf Patient Monitoring System for pressure injury prevention and patient mobility monitoring. The The transaction follows Smith & Nephew’s successful two-year partnership with Leaf Healthcare as an exclusive distributor and strategic investor.

Smith & Nephew Agrees to Acquire Osiris Therapeutics

3/12/19: Namal Nawana, Chief Executive Officer, Smith & Nephew, said: “Greater presence in the fast growing regenerative medicine market enhances our portfolio and will help immediately accelerate our wound management business as well as provide longer term innovations in additional channels and indications. We sought out a fast growing portfolio with strong clinical evidence addressing critical needs in the marketplace.”

New Q-FIX™ CURVED, Q-FIX MINI and SUTUREFIX CURVED All-Suture Anchor Systems Announced by Smith and Nephew

3/6/18: Smith & Nephew (NYSE:SNN, LSE: SN), the global medical technology business, is pleased to announce the launch of Q-FIX™ CURVED, Q-FIX MINI and SUTUREFIX CURVED All-Suture Anchor systems adding to its growing Sports Medicine portfolio. Designed for procedures where space is limited and the anatomy can be difficult to access, the new SUTUREFIX CURVED, Q-FIX CURVED and MINI delivery systems are designed to aid in optimal suture anchor placement during drilling and insertion.