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Smiths Medical Announces the ECRI Evaluation of the CADD®-Solis v4 Wireless Ambulatory Infusion System

The report highlights ECRI’s evaluation ratings, test results, and purchasing recommendations for the CADD®-Solis pump.

Smiths Medical Announces Launch of Portex® EchoGlo® Peripheral Nerve Block Portfolio

The Portex® EchoGlo® needle has been engineered for echogenic brightness under ultrasound even at extreme angles, which can enhance visualization and accuracy in delivering medication.

Smiths Medical Issues Worldwide Notification Regarding Potential for Inappropriate Bolus or Loading Dose Delivery in Certain Medfusion® 3500 and 4000 Infusion Pumps

Smiths Medical reports due to a software error, if a bolus or loading dose is interrupted and a specific sequence of events occurs, over- or under- delivery of a bolus or loading dose may occur.

Smiths Medical Announces Launch of Level 1® Convective Warmer

This next-generation high-flow convective warmer gives health care providers a quiet, simple, and safe thermal care solution to help patients maintain normal body temperature through every stage of surgery.