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The Spex LP- Lowest Profile Shapeable Reinforced Support Catheter By Reflow Medical

January 14, 2021

The Spex LP (Low Profile) 0.014 and 0.018-inch reinforced support catheters by Reflow Medical* is engineered to provide the lowest profile tip for accessing and crossing the tightest and most complex lesions with a supportive system.

It also features three radiopaque markers that enhance visibility on imaging. The Spex LP can be combined with the Reflow Spex™ 35 for more robust support.

Like the Spex™ catheter, the new Spex LP has a customizable tip that can be shaped to the desired angle and is compatible with the physician’s choice of guidewire and procedural technique.

“Using the new Spex LP with the Spex 35 creates a ‘telescoping’ action for extra support,” said S. Jay Mathews, MD, MS, FACC of Bradenton Cardiology Center in Bradenton, Florida. Dr. Mathews was among the first physicians to utilize the Spex LP in medical procedures.

Jihad A. Mustapha, MD, FACC is the Director of Endovascular Interventions at Advanced Cardiac & Vascular Centers for Amputation Prevention in Grand Rapids, Michigan. According to Dr. Mustapha, “The Spex LP has an extremely low lesion-entry profile and provides unmatched flexibility and trackability, especially in difficult cases.”

Company Co-founder and COO John Fulkerson noted, “Our physician partners expressed a need for a lower profile support catheter that doesn’t sacrifice strength. Reflow delivered.” He continued, “This product line was advance-engineered for treating complex critical limb ischemia (CLI), targeting an unmet clinical need.”

Along with other physician partners, Dr. Mathews and Dr. Mustapha provided valuable clinical insight that was used to develop the Spex LP technology.

*Reflow Medical, Inc. is a privately held company dedicated to developing simple, yet sophisticated, technologies that facilitate procedures used for treating cardiovascular disease. Our devices are compatible with the physician’s choice of guidewire and technique, and allow treatment of a wide variety of vasculature.

Working with physicians to find solutions for unmet clinical needs, our team has produced innovative medical devices that are proven in practices every day, with more in development. Together, our goal is to continually improve patient outcomes.

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