Spinal Elements® Announces Expansion of its MIS Offering

Introduced the Katana™ Lateral Access System at the 2019 North American Spine Society Meeting

Friday, March 5, 2021

Today Spinal Elements, licated in Carlsbad, CA, a spine technology company, announced that the company will be introducing the Katana Lateral Access System at the North American Spine Society annual meeting in Chicago September 24th through September 27th. Katana’s novel nested dilator and blade design allows users to gain lateral access in fewer steps and with only a single pass by the lumbar plexus. The design is intended to improve access efficiency and, more importantly, improve outcomes by reducing the incidence of approach-related post-operative complications.

Neurosurgeon and designer Burak Ozgur of ONE Brain and Spine Center in Newport Beach, CA says of the design, “Katana has been designed from the start to provide access more efficiently and with enhanced safety features unavailable in prior systems. The nested features of the dilators and blades keep the neural anatomy protected throughout the procedure.”

Andrew Cannestra, fellow designer and neurosurgeon at Baptist Health in Jacksonville, Florida adds, “The advancements built into the Katana access system could lead to a substantial decrease in common approach-related complications, thereby improving overall outcomes.”

“We are thrilled to be introducing the Katana Lateral Access System,” stated Jason Blain, President and CEO of Spinal Elements. “This is among the first in a series of upcoming MIS releases that will demonstrate our ability to provide innovative organic procedural solutions.”

Katana and the Lucent Lateral interbody implant system will now provide access and implant support for a complete procedural solution for lateral interbody fusion, a market estimated at $800M and growing. Spinal Elements now offers complete MIS procedural solutions for lateral lumbar fusion and oblique lumbar fusion (OmegaLIF) procedures.

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