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Peer-Reviewed Medical Journal Reports Study Results from Mirasol System

Terumo BCT’s Mirasol reduces the virus causing COVID-19 below the limit of detection in plasma and platelets.

Terumo BCT Launches First-of-its-Kind Device to Accelerate Cell Therapy Manufacturing

Finia is a fully automated, modular, functionally closed system that creates the final formulation of cell and gene therapies and divides them into user-defined doses for patients. The technology automates a process that is currently manual and labor-intensive with the added risk of error.

Terumo BCT Offers $100,000 Research Grant Supporting Patient Access to Care

Terumo BCT’s new USD $100,000 Therapeutic Plasma Exchange (TPE) Innovation Award will help clinical investigators expand the field of data for certain types of autoimmune conditions, known as IgG4-mediated diseases.