Terumo Corporation and Diabeloop SA Enter Into Comprehensive Strategic Partnership Agreement to Expand Their Diabetes Care Offerings

Terumo Corporation, a global leader in medical technology, and the French company Diabeloop, a pioneer in therapeutic AI, announced today that they have signed an agreement for a comprehensive strategic partnership. With this agreement, in addition to the current joint development of the AID system for Japan, they will work closely to bring Automated Insulin Delivery solutions to Europe with potential further global expansion.

The AID system is used for insulin-dependent diabetes management. It automates and personalizes the treatment and contributes to reducing the heavy mental burden associated with the chronic condition. Hosted on a dedicated handset, the Diabeloop-developed self-learning algorithm is connected to a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) and an insulin pump. It analyzes the data in real time, and decides whether to maintain current insulin settings or adjust insulin delivery. In Europe and the US, more and more people with diabetes are using or looking to use AID systems for better glucose control and improved quality of life.

DBLG1®, the state-of-the-art-algorithm solution of Diabeloop is currently available in several European markets.

In 2018, Terumo launched “MEDISAFE WITH”, an insulin patch pump that is designed to be wearable and lightweight for patient comfort and freedom. In addition, Terumo is the exclusive distributor of the Dexcom CGM system in Japan since 2019.

Since 2020, both companies have been working on the joint development of an AID system in Japan, with the aim of helping Japanese people with diabetes.

“We always want to offer more choices to people living with diabetes. This new agreement will allow both companies to keep contributing to diabetes care with a real impact on clinical results while proposing safe and highly effective personalized solutions.” said Erik Huneker, founder and CEO of Diabeloop.

“We believe that this partnership will provide better treatment options for patients with diabetes around the world. Our vision is for our products and solutions to help patients manage their diabetes better and to make them feel unrestrained from diabetes,” said Yoshiya Kikawa, general manager, DM and Consumer Healthcare Group of Terumo.

Based on this strategic partnership agreement, the two companies will accelerate and strengthen collaboration for AID systems. By combining the technologies of both companies and further addressing unmet medical needs, both Terumo and Diabeloop will strive to support more patients with diabetes in Europe, while looking at other regions and countries.

“It is our great pleasure to enter into this comprehensive strategic partnership agreement. We have been providing cutting-edge solutions in the diabetes area since 1982. Together with Diabeloop, we are confident that we will be able to provide healthcare professionals and patients with value-added solutions not only in Japan but for all corners of the world,” commented Hikaru Samejima,President of Terumo’s General Hospital Company.

“We are thrilled to reinforce our partnership with global leader Terumo with this new agreement and expand our contribution to personalized diabetes management via Diabeloop’s interoperable solution. Together we will be able to bring innovation to more people living with diabetes in Europe as well as the rest of the world”, declared Marc Julien, co-CEO of Diabeloop.

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