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Thursday, October 21, 2021



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The Flower Jones Screw and the 6.5mm Headless Compression Screw: Two New Additions Added to Flower Orthopedics Ready-for-Surgery™ Product Line

Flower Orthopedics is pleased to announce two additions to its market leading Ready-for-Surgery™ product line: The Flower Jones Screw and the 6.5mm Headless Compression Screw.  These two screw systems expand the already robust portfolio of Ready-for-Surgery solutions providing new indications for surgeons to utilize the FlowerCube, increasing efficiency, and minimizing infection potential.  Each system will be featured at the upcoming American College of Foot & Ankle Surgeons Conference.

These systems leverage current Flower Orthopedics sterile Ready-for-Surgery instrumentation, driving efficiency and minimizing inventory.  With only one or two sterile packed instrument kits surgeons can address multiple foot and ankle indications now including Jones fracture repairs and complex rearfoot procedures.

“We are excited to meet the needs of our foot and ankle surgeons with the addition of these two products,” said Flower CEO Oliver Burckhardt.  “Flower will continue to add more Ready-for-Surgery solutions to the Foot & Ankle space.”

Additionally, Dr. Richard Derner, DPM added, “These two screw systems allow me to treat a greater variety of surgical problems with sterile, Ready-for-Surgery implants and instruments, increasing efficiency and minimizing infection potential.”

The FlowerCube is a unique, single-use, sterile implant and instrument system. It is part of a complete suite of Ready-for-Surgery solutions for foot and ankle surgery. Each product is ready-to-use and tailored for the procedure at hand.

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