The Lightest See-Through Head-up Display Solution for Glasses

Monday, February 22, 2021

Designed to fit in a regular pair of sunglasses, the ActiveLook System provides a ready to use head-up-display solution that accelerates product innovation of sport brands and eyewear manufacturers.

ActiveLookIn a world where sport digitalization is becoming more and more relevant with an increasing use of sensors, GPS trackers and new dedicated apps, sports glasses represent the perfect way to view information and performance. Many have tried to provide a solution to this challenge, but the results have not been up to the public expectations so far: too conspicuous, too cumbersome and too heavy products with a poor battery life.

ActiveLook is the first technological ingredient that transforms sports glasses into perfect visors. Lightweight, compact and based on Bluethooth® technology, it can be easily integrated into a pair of regular sports glasses instantly displaying information and performance.

The system is made of three integrated elements. At its heart is a miniaturized, lightweight and powerful OLED module. Integrated into the glasses’ nose bridge, it displays data on the lenses with ultra high brightness and very low power consumption. The module is combined with a patented technology that makes the glasses’ lenses “Active”.

A dedicated software allows the ActiveLook glasses to easily pair via Bluetooth® with smartphones, smartwatches and other devices, to display the most popular sports apps.

The very strength of ActiveLook lies in the simplicity of the solution and in the flexibility of an open platform that raise new and exciting prospects for an increasing number of applications for multiple user segments: endurance sports, scuba diving, skiing, sailing, motorbiking and much more. This technology is experiencing a growing demand also in the field of industrial applications: from logistics to delivery services and manufacturing.

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