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The MetaVision Clinical Information System by iMDsoft is Now Live in 250+ Beds across Six Nexuz Health Hospitals in Belgium

Benefits for the hospitals include centralized management, standardization of workflows and fast implementation

Nexuz Health, a consortium looking to raise the quality of patient care by facilitating clear, transparent partnerships between hospitals, is now the sixth site that has gone live with the MetaVision clinical information system  AZ Sint-Jan Brugge-Oostende now has electronic patient records in over 50 ICU beds, joining UZ Leuven, AZ Groeninge Kortrijk, OLV Ziekenhuis Aalst, AZ Sint-Lucas and AZ Turnhout in using MetaVision. Itémedical and iMDsoft cooperated on the Nexuz Heath project, which now includes over 250 beds live with the system, according to iMDsoft, provider of Clinical Information Systems for acute, critical care and perioperative environments.

MetaVision fully supports the unique workflows of the critical care environment. Installed in hundreds of ICUs worldwide, MetaVision has helped improve quality of care, operational efficiency and financial performance at hospitals across the globe.

The six Nexuz Health sites partnering with iMDsoft benefit from:

  • Specialised ICU functionality
  • Standardisation of workflows
  • Centralised management
  • Support for unique requirements
  • Fast and easy implementation
  • Rich localised content

“With our joint goals of striving for improvement and introducing innovation, iMDsoft and Nexuz Health are a natural match. We’ve been working closely with UZ Leuven, the founder of Nexuz Health, for over a decade,” said Shahar Sery, Executive Vice President of iMDsoft. “The latest addition to this project, AZ Sint-Jan Brugge-Oostende, now has a new level of support for their ICU workflow, helping clinicians to work more efficiently and deliver better care.”

“The system’s high degree of configurability allows us to implement MetaVision in multiple hospitals. We are able to both share aspects of the configuration and allow departments to preserve their own workflow. We have found tremendous value in the way that all kinds of data are integrated visually for follow-up of intensive care treatment as the effects of the treatment are immediately apparent,” said Dominiek Cottem, Project Leader for Patient Data Management Systems at UZ Leuven.

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