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The MIRApeel™ Fractional Transbrasion System Launches in the USA

As reported by eMIRAmed USA, LLC, MIRApeel™, is an aesthetic device which uses a new comprehensive 3D Skin Desquamation technology called “Fractional Transbrasion” to address a range of visible skin issues and the effects of premature aging.

Skincare professionals will experience a hands-on demonstration of just what sets this system apart at the American Academy of Dermatology meeting.  This latest skin rejuvenation technology was first developed and introduced in Germany and has quickly gained credibility among early-adopting dermatologists throughout Europe. This success led to a strong interest in the United States which caused the makers to accelerate their plans to register with the US FDA and make this system available here.

“The 2018 Annual Meeting of The American Academy of Dermatology is the perfect forum to showcase the comprehensive patient and client socio-demographic range, encompassing different skin types and skin conditions that can be directly addressed and improved with the MIRApeel™ treatments.

“The MIRA high-tech benefits of faster treatment sessions is more convenient and comfortable for clients and increases their satisfaction which readily translates into faster monetization and return on investment for users.”

“The real and most distinctive features of this offering are the MIRArollers – the special wet micro-needles – the MIRAbrasor and the serums,” says Serge Castro, President of eMIRAmed USA, LLC.

“We are ready to fully explore expanded distribution channels, build our sales presence, and strike meaningful associations with complementary aesthetic product manufacturers.”

“The new MIRApeel™  is being experienced by a growing number of patients, clients and physicians across Europe and will be presented to physicians during the AAD meetings as well.”

The MIRA family of technologies includes the MIRApeel™, the newly developed MIRAbrasor™ and MIRAroller™ attachments and a series of MIRAjolie™ serums. This range will be exclusively available to dermatology, cosmetic surgery and medical spa physicians throughout the United States.

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