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Tiger Woods: Reborn Patient Journey Video Is Released by Centinel Spine

Tiger Woods: Reborn patient journey video has been released by Centinel Spine.  The news was announced today

Created in partnership with 15-Time PGA Tour Majors Winner Tiger Woods, this video is Tiger’s first-hand account of his remarkable recovery from incapacitating back pain—directly resulting from his successful spinal fusion surgery through the support of Centinel Spine’s technology.

Tiger Woods underwent spinal fusion surgery using Centinel Spine’s STALIF M-Ti™ Anterior Lumbar Integrated Interbody fusion device in April 2017 to alleviate ongoing, debilitating pain in his back and legs. Tiger Woods: Reborn is presented in Woods’s own words—detailing his personal challenges with spinal-related pain and reflecting upon the procedure that allowed him to regain his life and ultimately complete his PGA Tour comeback after almost three years of golf inactivity. Told through the lens of Emmy-nominated director Kevin Foley, the video also includes medical perspective from the spine surgeon who performed the procedure, as well as cinematic visuals of his comeback. The release of Tiger Woods: Reborn supports Centinel Spine’s mission to educate the public on spinal disease and treatment options that allow individuals to continue to function at a high level.

According to Tiger Woods:: “I wasn’t seeking a solution that allowed me to return to competitive golf, only provide relief from my pain and allow me to return to life with my family. Playing golf again at a high level was just icing on the cake. The Centinel Spine technology was the right solution for me and I hope sharing my story in this video will help others suffering with spine-related pain to know that solutions exist—and that there is hope.”

“Centinel Spine is committed to advancing patient care, and an important aspect of this is furthering patient education and empowerment,” said Centinel Spine CEO Steve Murray. “The goal of our partnership with Tiger Woods is to ensure that individuals suffering from debilitating spine pain are aware that surgical solutions exist that allow individuals to continue to function at a high level. This video is an authentic account of Tiger’s patient journey and how he was able to regain his life through spine surgery, told in his own words. Hopefully, this story inspires others living with pain to seek options that may help them as well,” concluded Murray.

Centinel Spine founded the Integrated Interbody™ category in 1988 through the launch of the revolutionary Hartshill Horseshoe product, the first anterior lumbar interbody fusion device in the world. This first-of-its-kind device was the basis for future generations of the market-leading technology platform known today as STALIF®. STALIF technology has a 30-year clinical history, with over 75,000 devices implanted worldwide, and still remains the only stand-alone Integrated Interbody device demonstrating biomechanical equivalence to anterior plate and cage constructs in independent peer-reviewed publications.



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