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Thursday, October 21, 2021



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Tivic Health Introduces SYNUS Pain Relief™, the First Bioelectronic Device Developed to Relieve Sinus Pain, at The Future of Healthcare Event, May 6-9, in Las Vegas

Tivic Health Systems Inc™ (“Tivic Health”), a bioelectronic health-tech start-up, introduces SYNUS Pain Relief™, the first bioelectronic healthcare home device developed to offer temporary relief of sinus pain by harnessing the body’s natural electrical system.

The company reports that approximately 30 million U.S. adults are diagnosed with sinusitis. (Center for Disease Control, National Health Interview Survey 2015). Tivic Health’s simple-to-use device uses microcurrent waveforms at very low current levels to target sinus pain, pressure and congestion. This new treatment approach targets the sinus passages directly by stimulating the sinus nerve pathways.

Tivic Health Systems CEO Jennifer Ernst, a hi-tech business builder, joined forces with inventor, John Claude, an experienced biomedical engineer, in 2016 to commercialize SYNUS. “I saw an untapped opportunity to help millions suffering from frequent sinus issues. Our research told us that over 70% of sinus sufferers receive little to no relief from existing products, and only 8% are fully satisfied with their current treatment regimen,” said Ernst.

Ernst and Dr. Blake Gurfein, VP of Research and Scientific Affairs at Tivic and member of UC San Francisco’s medical faculty, will participate in the Future Healthcare Event. “My work has focused on non-invasive neuromodulation. It’s exciting to join a team that’s leveraging the potential healing properties of microcurrent neuromodulation,” explains Gurfein. “Presently, we are conducting a clinical trial for submission to the FDA,” says Gurfein.



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