Tom Fleming Elected to FEops Board of Directors

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Dr. Matthieu De Beule, FEops CEO and Founder said: “The addition of an industry veteran with the stature of Tom Fleming to our board further substantiates the extraordinary opportunity for FEops to become a primary catalyst in the way novel transcatheter-based structural heart solutions are being developed and interventional cardiovascular procedures are preoperatively planned.”

“FEops has identified a rapidly expanding patient population undergoing transcatheter device procedures who would benefit considerably from its patient-focused procedure-planning approach,” added Rob Michiels, Chairman of FEops, “and the inclusion of Tom Fleming to our team is a tremendous endorsement of the FEops technology platform. Given his hands-on operational and business-development achievements in the percutaneous valve replacement sectors, along with his extensive experience in the cardiovascular device industry overall, Tom will be of great value to FEops’ evolving strategic direction.”

“The future of Medical Device innovation will continue to evolve into treating more complex patients, and FEops’ computational modeling and simulation capabilities have the opportunity to lead in faster product development and clinical cycles with better patient outcomes,” said Tom Fleming.

FEops HEARTguideTM proprietary array of products use advanced personalized computational modeling and simulation to provide clinicians and medical device manufacturers with first-ever insights into the interaction between transcatheter structural heart devices and specific patient anatomy – preoperatively. Such insights have the power to accelerate research and development of novel device-based solutions, as well as ultimately improve clinical outcomes in real-world hospital settings.