Michael Droege, Vice President of Global Business Development at Consensus Orthopedics  said, “The Sports Medicine market has been waiting too long for the ability of the healthcare provider to watch and monitor the patient’s home rehabilitation progress. Recovering from a torn ACL or, quite frankly, any orthopedic injury is a long and challenging process. TracPatch ACL empowers both the healthcare provider and the patient with the information they need for a seamless recovery.”

Consensus Orthopedics reports that a major problem for ACL surgery is the failure of regaining full knee motion, especially extension. ACL recovery relies heavily on patient involvement and following correct rehab protocols, especially during the early phases of rehabilitation. Using live range of motion tests, exercise reminders, and alerts, TracPatch ACL will empower the patient to follow their prescribed rehab protocol for an effective and efficient recovery.

TracPatch Hip will closely monitor pre-op and post-op at home hip replacement rehabilitation. Poor range of motion milestones and lack of achieving specific activity levels can lead to a long and painful hip replacement recovery process. TracPatch Hip will provide an interactive recovery road map for the patient and healthcare provider to stay connected during the rehab process. TracPatch Hip provides objective data to help healthcare providers improve decision making and reduce costs. “My patients now have access to an industry leading device that allows me to remotely monitor the progress of their rehabilitation. The ability to use objective data balanced with patient provided subjective data would provide me a complete overview of my patient’s recovery progress and outcome” says Dr. Chris Leslie, Medical Director at Consensus Orthopedics.

Curt Wiedenhoefer, President of Consensus Orthopedics & General Manager of TracPatch, says “We are excited to continue to lead sensor technology for wearable devices in orthopedics. We are enthusiastic about taking what we learned from our TracPatch Knee development and applying this to Hip Arthroplasty and Sports Medicine.”

During the AAOS Annual Meeting, Dr. S. David Stulberg, Dr. John Mariani, and Dr. Chris Leslie will be presenting TracPatch to over 15,000 orthopedic surgeons. Dr. Chris Leslie will be presenting on TracPatch Big Data & Analytics and the ability to lower healthcare costs with this type of disruptive technology. Dr. David S. Stulberg, a pioneer in computer-assisted surgical techniques, will be presenting the value of TracPatch across the episode of care from pre-op assessments to post-op recovery programs. Dr. John Mariani, faculty member of Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine, will be presenting on the value of TracPatch data throughout the patient care experience.