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Trinity Guardion Launches Second-Generation Protective Patient Barrier at APIC 2017

Trinity Guardion will unveil the newest version of its protective patient barrier system for hospital mattresses, to infection preventionists and other stakeholders attending the Association of Professionals in Infection Control (APIC) 2017 Annual Conference in Portland, Oregon. The system and its three new enhancements will be exhibited and discussed at Booth #266, from June 14 to 16.

Trinity Guardion’s patient protection barrier system is already in use in forward-thinking U. S. healthcare facilities. It includes a microbarrier for the mattress and bed deck, and a separate pillow barrier, and is the first and only launderable mattress microbarrier system specifically for medical beds. It’s designed to protect each patient (and prolong the useful life of each mattress) by shielding the mattress and bed deck from every previous occupant’s microbial biome, and specifically from pathogenic organisms such as Clostridium difficile (C. diff), which can cause serious illness and death. The Trinity Guardion system can stand up to repeated high-heat laundering with chlorine bleach to inactivate spores.

Infection preventionists (IPs) and environmental services professionals (EVS) face unremitting infection prevention challenges. In many hospitals, IPs and EVS teams work together to design programs with the goal of consistently preventing healthcare-acquired infections, which cause significant suffering and are a financial burden to patients and healthcare facilities. They must address all major sources of infection, including the risks from room surfaces such as patient beds. Ironically, although beds serve as the epicenter of patient care, they have also been shown to be an epicenter of potential cross-contamination, for a multitude of reasons.

Enhanced features
At the APIC exhibit, three improvements to the Trinity Guardion system will be discussed.
1.    The textile is now launderable up to 150 times (formerly up to 100 times).
2.    The improved textile has an even higher moisture vapor transfer rate, which helps protect against skin maceration and breakdown.
3.    Each system now comes with a unique identifier barcode, which facilitates tracking documentation, per CMS requirements.

“After listening to the needs of infection preventionists and environmental services professionals, and investigating new regulatory requirements for care providers, we’ve developed an improved system with features that further enhance infection prevention programs while simplifying the bed turnover process,” said Bruce Rippe, CEO and co-founder of Trinity Guardion. “What better moment to launch this improved technology than at the APIC Conference this year.”

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